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Liberal Arts Program

The liberal arts program has been designed for those who have few or no college credit hours and would like to fulfill their general education requirements before beginning a major in Professional Studies.

Learning Outcomes

The Liberal Arts program equips students to complete their general education requirements and to address Judson's educational goals:

  • Embrace Christian ethics for lifelong growth and behavior, model personal commitment to Christ and the church, and articulate that faith.
  • Practice wellness from a Christian stewardship perspective and make responsible lifestyle choices that lead to optimal health and vitality.
  • Appreciate the development, values and limitations of their own and other cultures through personal integration and communication.
  • Engage the complexity of human personality and behavior, developing balanced and critical self-awareness, and demonstrating sensitivity in interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop widening aesthetic appreciation, discernment and expression, including an understanding of the creative processes.
  • Acquire critical and creative thinking abilities, read and listen perceptively, and write and speak effectively and responsibly.
  • Develop analytical, research, and problem-solving skills using appropriate mathematics, logic, technology, and scientific methods.
  • Embrace the Christian life, as ethical and redemptive servants, leaders and stewards.
  • Acquire competencies in a major field and skills for lifelong learning.
    • Core Requirements

      1   LDB101   Principles of Adult Learning
      1   LDB223   Developing Effective Study and Work Skills
      1   GEN101   Faith and Learning I
      4   COM101   Effective Communication I 
      4   COM102   Effective Communication II 
      3   SSC211   Contemporary Issues in Psychology
      3   GEN126   Foundations of the Spiritual Life
      4   ART210   Visual Culture 
      3   ENG267   Literature, Life, and Ideas
      3   SSC263   The City in History: Chicago
      4   SCM101   Scientific Ideas that Impact the 21st Century
      1   GEN102   Faith and Learning II 
      3   ENG225   Literature of Spirituality
      2   COM111   Business Writing
      3   SPC230   Business Presentations
      3   SPC322   Group Discussions
      3   LDB226   Leading Groups and Teams
      1   LDB232   Decision Making Strategies
      1   LDB122   Developing Your LIfe Mission

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