Adult Professional Studies Catalog - Liberal Arts and General Education - Descriptions | Judson University Christian College

General Education and Elective Courses

The liberal arts program has been designed for those who have few or no college credit hours and would like to fulfill their general education requirements before beginning a major in Professional Studies.

Liberal Arts Program

Courses have been designed for those seeking general education credits, high-interest electives, or focused study in a particular field. Most courses are available to all students served by Judson: adult, traditional, and distance learning. Courses are available various terms; some courses are offered online and others are offered in a face-to face format. Some individual courses are also associated with a certificate.

Online Courses

Over 20 different general education and elective courses are available throughout the academic year. Courses typically run four weeks per credit hour. For example, 3-credit courses run 12 weeks.

Evening Courses

Judson offers elective courses in the evenings. Just like courses in our Professional Studies programs, courses typically run three to eight weeks.

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