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Advanced Certificates

Advanced Certificates have been designed for those seeking completion of a larger block of courses in a field. Advanced certificates are 20 or more academic credit hours and are offered in a variety of formats.

NOTE: A student cannot earn a certificate in the same area in which he or she has a concentration.  A student who has earned or is earning an Organizational Leadership major cannot earn a certificate in Management.   

Business and Leadership 

Human Sciences 

 Advanced Certificate in Business Administration 

Required: 21 hours.

For students who have earned/are earning an Organizational Leadership Major.   

  •  BUS342 Organizational and Corporate Finance   
  •  BUS376 Financial Accounting and Analysis
  •  BUS378 Business Law

 Choose 4 (12 hours) of the following

  • BUS351 Consumer Behavior 
  • BUS363 Leading and Entrepreneurial Venture 
  • BUS365 Professional Selling 
  • HRM330 Theory and Practice of Training and Development 
  • HRM351 Human Resource Management 
  • HRM353 Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management 
  • HRM425 Employee Benefits and Compensation Management 
  • HSC315 Applied Psychology 
  • HSC327 Psychological Test and Measurements 
  • HSC345 Applied Social Psychology
  • HSC365 Cultural Competence: Divergence and Deviance
  • HSC420 Applied Positive Psychology
  • HSC440 Non-for-Profit Management
  • MTK335 New Media Platforms
  • MKT345 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT361 Website Essentials for Marketers
  • MKT461 Digital Campaigns I
  • MKT462 Digital Campaigns II
  • BUS*** 300 or 400 Business Electives not currently taken

Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

Required: 24 hours

For students who have earned/are earning a major outside of Business Programs. 

  • BUS330 Managerial Budgeting and Accounting
  • BUS342 Organizational and Corporate Finance
  • BUS350 Technology Management
  • BUS374 Economics
  •  BUS376 Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • BUS378 Business Law
  • BUS421 Leading Innovations
  • MKT425 Marketing Analytics

Advanced Certificate in Communications Management

Required: 21 hours

  •  CMM309 Applied Communication Theory
  • CMM311 Media Writing and Techniques
  • CMM321 Public and Media Relations
  • CMM328 New Media Investigation and Application
  • CMM332 Evaluating and Interacting with Design
  • CMM458 Leading Creative People and Projects
  • CMM465 Strategic Planning for Communications     

Advanced Certificate in Organizational Leadership

Required: 21 hours

For students who have earned/are earning a Business Administration major.  Students earning a Business Administration major with a Leadership concentration can not complete a second major or advanced certificate in Organizational Leadership. 

  • BUS306 Strategic Management
  • HRM351 Human Resource Management
  • ORL328 Diversity and Intergenerational Effectiveness
  • ORL340 Leading Change in Organizations
  • ORL345 Leadership Theory and Application
  • ORL442 Global Leadership
  • ORL326 Organizational Behavior and Development  

 Advanced Certificate in Organizational Leadership 

Required: 21 hours

For students who have earned/are earning a major outside of Business Programs.   

  •  BUS306 Strategic Management
  • BUS330 Managerial Budgeting and Accounting
  • BUS421 Leading Innovation
  • ORL328 Diversity and Intergenerational Effectiveness
  • ORL340 Leading Change in Organizations
  • ORL345 Leadership Theory and Application
  • ORL442 Global Leadership

Advanced Certificate in Applied Psychology 

Required = 21 Hours

  • HSC315 Applied Psychology
  • HSC327 Psychological Tests and Measures
  • HSC318 Interpersonal Communication and Relationship
  • HSC365 Cultural Competence
  • HSC345 Applied Social Psychology
  • HSC420 Applied Positive Psychology
  • LMM326 Organizational Behavior and Development
  • HSC350 Applied Field Experience
  • HSC496 Portfolio

Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management

Required = 20 Hours

  • HRM351 Human Resource Management
  • HMR374 Safety and Organizational Wellness
  • HRM353 Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management
  • HRM425 Employee Benefits and Compensation
  • HRM441 Employee and Labor Relations
  • HMR456 Workforce Diversity
  • HRM455 Senior Human Resource Management Seminar

Advanced Certificate in Human Services

Required = 21 Hours

  • HSC312 Foundations of Human Services
  • HSC328 Social Welfare Policy
  • HSC342 Individual Practices and Interventions
  • HSC343 Group Practices and Interventions
  • HSC357 Advocacy and Social Justice
  • HSC440 Not-For-Profit Management
  • HSC472 Legal and Ethical Issues in the Human Services

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