Adult Professional Studies Catalog - Certificates | Judson University Christian College


Certificates have been designed for those seeking completion of a concentrated block of courses in a field. Certificates are 12 or more academic credit hours and are offered in a variety of formats, including online.

Application Software

Required = 12 Hours

Designed for those desiring to learn or to increase their application skills in software typically found in business environments. Courses available only online.

  • MTS101 Word Processing (2 CR)
  • MTS102 Spreadsheets (2 CR)
  • MTS104 Presentation Graphics (2 CR)
  • MTS105 Database (2 CR)
  • MTS107 Desktop Publishing (2 CR)
  • MTS210 Advanced Software Applications (2 CR)

Website Administration and Design

Required = 12 Hours

Designed for those given the responsibility of overseeing the development or maintenance of a company web site or for those interested in web site publishing for personal use. Courses available only online.

  • MED261 Web Site Administration, Usability, and Design (3 CR)
  • MED263 Content Management and Development (3 CR)
  • MED111 Introduction to HTML (1 CR)
  • MED265 Application Software for Web Site Design (3 CR)
  • MED267 Applied Project in Web Site Development (2 CR)

Studies in Human Behavior

Required = 12 Hours

Designed for students whose career or graduate school goals require courses in traditional psychology. Courses available only online.

  • HSC320 Life Span Development (3 CR)
  • HSC321 Psychological Disorders (3CR)
  • HSC327 Psychological tests and Measurements (3 CR)
  • HSC331 Brain Development, Dynamics, and Disabilities (3 CR)

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