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Second Majors and Advanced Certificates

  • Upon completion of their first major, students in the Center for Adult Professional Studies Program may choose to complete a second major with the Center. Students interested in a second major may obtain an AU Major Declaration form from their academic advisors or program directors, as well as prescribed set of courses for each second major.
  • Rather than completing a second major, students may choose instead to complete an advanced certificate. Advanced certificates in Management and Leadership, Criminal Justice Management, Communications Management, Human Resource Management, and Human Services are identical to second majors except for portfolios and other marked courses, which are only required for majors.

    *Courses not required for Advanced Certificate.
    • Communications Management

      3 CMM309 Applied Communications Theories
      3 CMM311 Media Writing and Techniques
      3 CMM328 New Media Investigation and Application
      3 CMM321 Public and Media Relations
      3 CMM332 Evaluating and Interacting with Design
      3 CMM458 Leading Creative People and Projects
      3 CMM465 Strategic Planning for Communications
      2 CMM485 Communications Management Capstone *
      1 CMM496 Communications Management Portfolio *

    • Criminal Justice Management

      3 CJM356 Labor Relations in a Criminal Justice Environment
      3 CJM368 Crime Analysis
      3 CJM370 Homeland Security/Emergency Management
      3 CJM375 Community-Oriented Policing
      3 CJM383 Law Enforcement, Ethics and Mortality
      3 CJM387 Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice
      3 CJM455 Senior Leadership and Management Seminar in Criminal Justice Setting
      1 CJM496 Criminal Justice Learning Outcomes Portfolio *

    • Human Resources Management

      3 HRM330 Theory and Practice of Training and Development
      3 HRM353 Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management
      3 HRM374 Safety and Organizational Wellness
      3 HRM441 Employee and Labor Relations
      3 HRM425 Employee Benefits and Compensation Management
      3 HRM456 Workforce Diversity
      3 HRM309 Communications for the Human Resource Professional
      2 HRM455 Senior Human Resource Management Seminar *
      1 HRM496 Human Resource Management Learning Outcome Portfolio *

    • Management and Leadership

      3 LMM330 Managerial Budgeting and Accounting
      3 LMM306 Strategic Management
      3 LMM338 Effective Leadership
      3 LMM349 Organizational and Corporate Finance
      3 LMM358 Marketing Management
      3 LMM309 Interpersonal Effectiveness
      3 LMM455 Executive Management and Leadership
      1 LMM496 Management and Leadership Outcomes Portfolio *

    • Human Services Second Major

      3 HSC312 Foundations of Human Services
      3 HSC328 Social Welfare Policy
      3 HSC342 Individual Practices and Interventions
      3 HSC343 Group Practices and Interventions
      3 HSC357 Advocacy and Social Justice
      3 HSC440 Not-for-Profit Management
      3 HSC472 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services 
      3   HSC297 Field Experience in the Human Services I *
      1 HSC496 Human Services Learning Outcomes Portfolio *

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