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A Letter from the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education

Dear Student,

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the heart and soul of Judson University. There are eleven departments (Biblical and Theological Studies, Christian Ministries, English, Exercise and Sport Science, History and Intercultural Studies, Music, Psychology and Sociology, Science and Mathematics, Speech Communication and the Performing Arts, and Worship Arts) each with many majors and minors to meet the needs of our students. We have majors in almost all of the traditional liberal arts areas, like psychology, history, Bible, English, music, math, chemistry, biology, and many that are more unique, like youth ministry, media studies, worship arts, environmental studies, and more. We have many pre-professional programs that prepare you for studies in medicine, law, or seminary. We also have the ability to customize a major for you if our current offerings aren’t quite what you need. This flexibility is one of the major strengths of Judson University.  Our faculty are highly respected in their fields and are committed to bringing their expertise into the classroom in innovative and meaningful ways.

Not only do we provide more than 20 majors (with more coming each year) but each undergraduate student at Judson University is required to take a series of well-developed, challenging courses from our College designed to equip them with essential critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. We recognize that since technology and culture change rapidly, those who continue to succeed will be those who can adapt and change also. Our goal is to prepare every graduate from Judson University for life, not just for a particular career. We take our Mission very seriously at Judson. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to the pursuit of life-long learning and we work to instill that commitment in every student we have contact with. We are also highly committed to making sure each student at Judson has every opportunity to examine carefully the clams of Christ-with the goal that as our students graduate they will have developed a world view that is highly reasoned, well-substantiated by Scripture and full of faith.

There is an advertising slogan that says “Be all that you can be”. My goal for each student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is that you will each become “all that God created you to be”.

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Dr. Lanette Poteete-Young
Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education

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Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar

Heather Johnson
Assistant Registrar
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Academic Advisor

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Academic Advisor

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First Year Freshmen Advisor
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Catalog and Course Coordinator

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Transfer Student Director

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