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Through Judson University’s Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts (DCWPA), you can earn a music or worship arts degree that will prepare you with the skills and experience necessary to share your God-given gifts and succeed in your future career. Our programs include a unique, diverse blend of both classic and contemporary teaching, allowing students to learn fundamentals of music while utilizing the soundtrack of their faith. The DCWPA provides a unique synergistic bond between the music and worship arts programs, which ultimately helps to equip and energize students. Whether you want to share your talents in worship celebrations, onstage in a professional concert hall, on the road with your band, or in the recording studio, the DCWPA equips you to play, sing, create, and lead as never before.

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Created by alumnus Ben Calhoun, the lead singer for Judson-formed and well-known Christian band, Citizen Way, Dark Room Studios provides opportunities for students to learn the skills necessary for every aspect of music production.  Through Dark Room Studios, Judson students have the opportunity to do everything from creating a business plan to writing their own songs to recording and marketing them.

Music Performance


The Music Performance major at Judson provides students with both a skills-based curriculum and also ample performance opportunities for a 21st-century, real-world music education. The major prepares students through music theory, music history, orchestration, and other skills needed to succeed. Students can choose from a variety of minors in their chosen specialization and also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of ensembles including the University Choir, Chamber Singers, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Piano Ensemble and the Judson Civic Orchestra.

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The Worship Arts major at Judson is a multidisciplinary program that equips students to serve a local church or parachurch ministry as worship leaders or coordinators. The program consists of a core that provides a foundation in music, communications, and theology. Music classes feature contemporary worship music alongside the classics, allowing students to learn fundamentals of music while utilizing the soundtrack of their faith.

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Dr. Warren Anderson
Director, Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts
Director, Judson University Choir
(847) 628-1570 or e-mail

Ben Calhoun
Music Ambassador

Cheryl Richardson
Office Manager
(847) 628-1110 or e-mail

Tim May
Studio Manager
(847) 628-5061 or e-mail

Music Department Faculty  |  Worship Arts Department Faculty

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Preview works by Judson bands, artists, and the Judson University Choir compiled, produced, and recorded through the DCWPA's Dark Room Studios. Works are available for purchase as a CD or digital download through our online store, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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The original Citizen Way band members, Ben & Josh Calhoun and Ben & David Blascoe, formed and first performed at Judson University in 2004. The band quickly rose to success with their debut album, Love is the Evidence, which quickly soared on Christian Music charts and is frequently featured on K-Love and Pandora. Ben Calhoun serves as a Music Ambassador for the Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts, partnering with the Worship Arts and Music programs to help create a community of artists.

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Mass Anthem  was one of Judson's first bands to find success on stage. The group consisted of four members: Chad Sowards, Tyler Sowards, Jon Moment, and Joel Hitchcock, who were all passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. The group came to Judson in 2012 and their debut album, Alive, was recorded and produced in Judson University's Dark Room Studios. Released in 2014, this CD received exemplary reviews from Worship Leader Magazine. "This release stands up to any major label release in regards to theology, musicality, and production."

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