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Department Mission and Vision

The Department of History strives to better understand the common elements and the range of diversity among human societies. We do this by learning to listen to people from times and/or places different from our own. As we become more familiar with the world as others have experienced it, we better understand the world and our own place in it. We are better able to ask good questions, view events from multiple perspectives, and analyze changes and continuities in human communities across time and place.


In History the department accomplishes its mission through:

  • Deep study of the past – both the society in which we find ourselves and societies that span the globe – using the particular skills of historical thinking
  • Careful attention to evidence, drawn from a wide variety of source material
  • Thoughtful and persuasive use of information to construct arguments about how and why societies change
  • Sensitive reflection on how one’s faith commitment shapes and enhances one’s understanding of the past
  • Consistent development in clear communication, both written and verbal


Dr. Angelene Naw - Spotlight

Angelene Naw joined the University of Rangoon as a faculty member in 1971 and taught history courses until 1984 when she received the East-West Center scholarship in Honolulu to pursue her Ph.D degree at the University of Hawaii.

Student Spotlight - Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas, an ’09 graduate of Judson’s Intercultural Studies program currently serves as the Iowa State Director for the Not For Sale Campaign. “I believe the opportunities and leaders who oversaw my education at Judson prepared me in many ways. The experience of worship, classes, overseas travel, and student leadership led me to combine my career drive and passion with my classes to actively engage others in the anti-slavery movement through the Not For Sale Campaign.”

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