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  • Transcripts, Enrollment, and Degree Verification

    An official transcript of a student's academic record at Judson University is available only through the Registrar's Office. Any student who has an obligation to the university will have his/her transcript, degree verification, or past enrollment verification held until the obligation is resolved.

    There are three methods available for ordering your transcripts. Rush orders will only be processed for transcripts requested through option 1.

    1. Online/Phone Request: Order online or by phone. There is a $5.00 service fee for online orders and a $10.00 service fee for phone orders. You will need a valid major credit card to order transcripts. Orders will be processed with in 2-4 business days. 1 day processing is possible as long as the student has no outstanding obligation to the university. Log on to https://www.credentials-inc.com/tplus/?ALUMTRO001700, or call direct at 800-646-1858.
    2. Mail Request: Order via the U.S. Postal Service. There is a $5.00 postage and handling fee. Orders will be processed within 7-10 business days of receipt of your request form.
    3. Request in Person: You may request your transcript in person at the Registrar's Office,first floor of the Lindner Tower Building. Please allow minimum of 30 minutes for processing. If issued to the student there is no fee. If you need Judson to mail your transcript the $5.00 postage and handling fee will apply.
    4. You may use this link to track your transcript order https://www.credentials-inc.com/CGI-BIN/rechkcgi.pgm?TPORTER

    Degree verification, past enrollment,or present enrollment:National Student Clearinghouse

    1. For Degree Verifications (and past attendance) Log on to National Student Clearinghouse
    2. For current enrollement verification, Log on to National Student Clearinghouse

    For complete ordering information, click on www.judsonu.edu, select Quick Links and click on the Transcript Request form.

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