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Global Outreach Serving Trips

Global Outreach exists to provide serving learning opportunities for students to experience different cultures, see the Church at work, and supplement their education by working alongside our Global Ministry Partners.

Serving trips are an important venue for spiritual development, outreach, and evangelism at Judson University, which got its name from Adoniram Judson, the first Protestant missionary from the United States commissioned to go overseas where he and his wife served in Burma..

Judson offers a variety of serving trips annually during spring break, summer, and occasionally Christmas break. During their time at Judson, students have many opportunities to serve both locally in the U.S. and abroad in Central and South America, Africa, Europe, and the Carribbean.

In addition to serving trips, student leaders on the Global Outreach Team help make students aware of needs and opportunities of both domestic and foreign missions.

2017-2018 Serving Trips

This year's serving trips will be announced on the University Ministries Serving Trips page this fall.

Supporting Judson Serving Trips

Learn more about how you can provide financial assistance to Judson University students attending serving trips this year.

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