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Program-Level Assessment


There are goals for each program. These describe the knowledge and skills that students should know before graduating from a program. Think of it like all of the streams that lead into a major river. Each of the streams (courses) have their own outcomes, but they all come together to make up the goals for the program.

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping helps make sure that all of the program goals are being addressed in individual courses. Usually the program goals are listed on one side of a chart and the names of the courses are listed at the top. In boxes that make up the middle, notes are made as to which program goals are either introduced (I), emphasized (E), or reinforced (R) in the courses.

Senior Capstones

Some programs also use senior capstone courses to ensure that students have met program goals and are ready to graduate. Here are examples of senior capstone experiences at Judson.

Advisory Councils and Alumni Feedback

Some programs use advisory councils and alumni feedback as part of their assessment processes. Working professionals can help programs make sure that curriculum is updated to reflect changes in the field. Alumni can do the same, and offer feedback about the long-term quality of their Judson education. For more information, go to Majors & Programs, click on your program, click Faculty, and contact the Chair. 


Professors in programs meet on a regular basis and adjust the program based on the goals, curriculum mapping, capstone project outcomes, and feedback. Some potential curriculum changes to programs then need to be approved by administrators and/or campus committees before they can go into effect.

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