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University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) consists of faculty and staff. It is responsible for developing policies regarding assessment; coordinating assessment activities; counseling departments in assessment; ensuring that all areas of the University are conducting assessment; and evaluating assessments. The University Assessment Committee reports to the Provost.

Academic Reviews

For academic reviews, programs answers questions that cover areas such as mission, history, goals, faculty, staff, demographics, student and program assessment, resources, and external relationships. Here are links to the questions for undergraduate, adult undergraduate, and graduate programs. UAC devotes two 75-minute meetings to each review. A program representative is invited to the first meeting to dialogue with the committee. The second meeting wraps-up the first meeting’s discussion. UAC creates a report that outlines the top 3-5 positives and concerns/recommendations. The report is sent to the Department Chair and Dean/Leadership Team Member. The University is also piloting the use of external reviewers in the review process. The external reviewers evaluate programs separately from UAC, to give 2-3 perspectives on the review. Then the Dean/Leadership Team Member meets with the Department Chair and the President or Provost to create an action plan that brings together the review, budgeting, and strategic plan. The action plan guides the program for approximately five years, until the next UAC review.

Co-curricular Reviews

Co-curricular reviews share a process that is identical to academic reviews, except they answer different questions. If a unit on campus does not offer for-credit classes, they go through the co-curricular review. Co-curricular units include everything from Student Development to the Library to Information Technology.

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