Grounds and Operations | Sustainability Efforts at Judson University Christian College

Maintenance and Operations

The Plant-Operations Department has implemented different methods and products that will make Judson a cleaner, greener, more sustainable campus.

Energy Saving Projects

  1. New thermostats installed in Plant-ops, Fitness, Creekside, and the Thompson Center
  2. Thermostats have been installed in individual rooms for floors 2-7 of Lindner Tower utilizing infrared technology
  3. A campus-wide lighting project to install lower wattage bulbs and occupancy sensors
  4. New radiant heat system
  5. LED lighting installed along streets and sidewalks

Green Cleaning

  • Low VOC Paint is used on campus for better indoor air quality
  • Green Seal Cleaning chemicals are used because they are healthier and greener
  • Micro-fiber mops and towels are used for cleaning and then laundered to be re-used
  • "Blue Cleaning" is used with electronic ionized water (no chemicals are being used in this process, yet it still kills 99.9% of germs)
    1. Fitness Center gym floor is cleaned with this method
    2. Ionized spray bottles are used on a rotational basis
    3. An auto scrubber is used for HAWAC floors
    4. Low moisture carpet machines are used in various locations

Hazardous Waste

We safely dispose of the following waste:

  • Mercury for florescent lamps
  • Mercury thermostats
  • Batteries
  • Motor oils
  • Cooking grease
  • Chemicals in the science building

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