Related and Focused Sustainability Courses | Sustainability Efforts at Judson University Christian College

Sustainability Coursework

Focused Courses (2011 Data)

BIO177          Environmental Science with Lab 
ARC600S         Topics in Sustainable Design:  Adv Case Studies in Carbon Neutral Design & Zero Energy Bldg
ARC651          Cumulative Design I  Sustainable Design Concentration
ARC651          Cumulative Design I  Trad Arch & Urbanism Concentration
ARC652          Cumulative Design II  Sustainable Design Concentration
ARC652          Cumulative Design II  Trad Arch & Urbanism Concentration
ARC681          Architecture Thesis Project I 
ARC682          Architecture Thesis Project II 
ARC688          Directed Research/Architecture  Adv Revit & the future of BIM in Sustainable Design
ARC688          Directed Research/Architecture  Indigenous Arch & Sustainability
ARC688S         Directed Research in Sustainable Design:  Indigenous Arch & Sustainability
EDU513          Cross-Cultural Education 
EDU514          Foundations of Language Minority Education 
EDU518          Methods & Materials for Teaching Bilingual Education 
EDU611          Technology Instruction/Teachers of Language Minority Students 
EDU614          Assessment of English Language Learners 
EDU616          Linguistic Considerations for Reading & Writing/New Language 
EDU617          Methods/Materials of Teaching English as a Second Language 
ARC321          Environmental Technology I 
ARC352          Architecture Design IV  Sustainable Design Concentration
ARC421X         Environmental Technology II 
ARC422          Environmental Technology III 
ARC422H         Environmental Technology III Honors 
ARC451X         Architectural Design V  Sustainable Design Concentration
BIO171          Principles of Biology w/Lab 
BIO172          Principles of Zoology w/Lab 
BIO172H         Principles of Zoology w/Lab -Honors 
BIO177          Environmental Science with Lab 
BUS101          Introduction to Business 
BUS250          Management Principles 
BUS301          Leadership and Change 
BUS344          Personal Finance 
ESS101          Wellness 
ESS140          Outdoor Recreation 
ESS244          Environmental Health & Safety 
ESS245          Community Health 
ESS460          Health Education and Promotion  Individualized Study
SCM120          Conservation Education 
SCM120L         Conservation Education w/Lab 
THS330          Theology of Work 
THS481          Faith and Life Issues 
THS481H         Faith and Life Issues Honors

Related Courses (2011 Data)

 BST102          Intro to Bibl Stu:New Testament  
CJM349          Public Financing and Budgeting  
ENG309          Cultural Diversity in Contemp American Literature  
HRM295          Human Resource Mngmnt Internship  
HRM330          Theory and Practice of Trainingand Development  
HRM374          Safety & Organizational Wellness  
HRM456          Workforce Diversity  
HSC297          Field Experience in theHuman Services I  
HSC312          Foundations of Human Services  
HSC314          Human Behavior and SocialEnvironment  
HSC328          Social Welfare Policy  
HSC342          Individual Practices andInterventions  
HSC357          Advocacy and Social Justice  
HSC365          Cultural Competence:Divergence or Deviance  
HSC477          Concepts in Leadership  
LDB225          Developing Your Career  
LMM330          Managerial Budgeting and Acctng  
LMM338          Effective Leadership  
LMM349          Organizational & CorporateFinance  
LMM455          Executive Mangmnt & Leadership  
MTS315          Business Data Communications  
MTS410          Project Management  
MTS420          Ethics and Future Issues inComputing  
MTS481X         Faith and Life Issues  
SCM101          Scientific Ideas for the 21stCentury  
SOC151          Introduction to Sociology  
ARC575          Community Outreach  
ARC625          Arch Acoustics Seminar/Lab  
ARC626          Daylighting in Architecture  
ARC627          Architecture for Conviviality  
ORL501          Becoming an Effective Leader  
ORL510          Ethical Leadership  
ORL515          Leading High Performance Teams  
ORL525          Global Leadership: LeadingAcross Cultures and Distance  
ORL601          Leadership Mentor Program  
ORL605          Intergenerational Leadership  
ORL610          Leadership, Change & Innovation  
ORL612          Organizational Finance  
ORL612          Organizational Finance  Individualized Study
ORL615          Strategic Leadership  
ORL620          Transformational Leadership  
ARC222X         Construction Technology I  
ARC252X         Architectural Design II  
ARC322          Construction Technology II  
ARC332          Architectural History IV  
ARC341          Architectural Structures I  
ARC425          Arch Acoustics Seminar/Lab  
ARC426          Daylighting in Architecture  
ARC437          Urban and Landscape Ecology  
ART427          Objects of Desire: Theories ofthe Visual  
BIO376          Evolutionary Theory/W Lab  
BST102          Intro to Bibl Stu:New Testament  
BST223          Life and Meaning of Jesus  
BST245          Poetic & Wisdom Literature of OT  
BST355          Bible Book Study: Psalms  
BUS102          Accounting Fundamentals  
BUS251          Principles of Accounting  
BUS261          Fund of Managerial Accounting  
BUS295          Sophomore Business Practicum  
BUS343          Money, Banking, Finance  
BUS455          Senior Management Seminar  
BUS495          Senior Business Practicum  
COM311          Language and Society  
EDU131          Practicum I, Diversity  
EDU313          Cross-cultural Education  
EDU314          Assessment of English LanguageLearners  
EDU327          Science Methods-Elementary  
EDU331B1        Clinical I: ESL/BilingualClinical  
EDU331B2        Clinical II: Bilingual/ESLClinical  
ESS370          Chronic Disease Management  Individualized Study
ESS372          Health Nutrition  
GEN101          Faith and Learning  Becoming the Leader You Didn't Know You Could Be
GEN101          Faith and Learning  Environmental Design & Stewardship
GEN203          Foundations of Leadership  
GEN204          Student Mentoring Leadership  
HIS473          Minority Experience in America  
HIS473H         Minority Experience in America -Honors  
MIN121          Short Term Missions Seminar  
MIN131          Short Term Missions Project  
MIN325X         Principles & Practices of Short-Term Missions Projects, Part 1  
MIN326X         Principles & Practices of Short-Term Missions Projects, Part 2  
MIN340X         Mentoring/Christian Ministries  
MIS310X         Bus Systems Analysis & Design  
MIS315X         Data Communications & Networking  
MIS411X         Project Management  
MIS423X         Ethics in Business & Technology  
PHL260          Introduction to Philosophy  
PHS241          Earth Science I w/Lab  
PSY225X         Introduction to Child Advocacy  
PSY380X         Crisis Intervention withAt-Risk Adolescents  
SCM181E         Concepts in Earth/Space Science  
SCM181L         Concepts in Life Science  
SOC151          Introduction to Sociology  
SOC225X         Introduction to Child Advocacy  
SOC355X         Cultural Diversity  
SPE302X         Methods of Teaching YoungChildren Math & Science  
SSC355X         Cultural Diversity  
SSC495          Human Services Internship II  
THS221          Christian Theology  
THS225X         History and Theology of Worship  
YMN326X         Principles & Practices of Short-Term Missions Projects, Part 2

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