Sustainability Research by Faculty Members | Sustainability Initiatives at Judson University Christian College

Sustainability Research by Faculty Members

Leslie Kruser - Business

"Creating a Sustainability Curriculum" - 2010
"Greening the Curriculum" - 2011
"Sustainability in the Curriculum and on the Job" - 2011

Rolf Myhrman - Science & Math

Investigation of Mucuna pruriens (velvetbean) as a natural control for Scutigerella immaculate (the "garden centipede.") - Summer '09

Curtis Sartor - Architecture

"The Greening of an Architectural Curriculum" - 2008

Keelan Kaiser - Architecture

Harm A. Weber Academic Center Post Occupancy Building Performance and Comfort Perceptions, 2009 ARCC Journal, Best Paper Award of 2009 ARCC Conference. - 2009
Design and construction of St. Francis High School in Wheaton, IL, a LEED Platinum high performance building as part of my consulting work with the firm Serena Sturm Architects, Chicago, IL. - 2010
Advanced Building Envelope Design for User Comfort, Delight, and the AIA 2030 Commitment, submission to AIA. - 2011
Rakow Branch Library, Elgin, IL. Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of a local branch library for energy consumption rates measured against design intent. Graduate seminar research project. - 2011
Holistic Design: A Sustainable School for the 21st Century ACSA Faculty Design Award submission based on the design and construction of St. Francis High School in Wheaton, Il. - 2011

Jae Cha - Architecture

Chapter (no title of chapter given) in "Learning from Harlem, Port-au-prince, Urubo, Filadelfia, Marcovia, Aranya, Malawai, Gambia, Pretoria", Hansy Better, contributing editor, to be published next year ongoing (2011, to be published in 2012)
Design of a small church building (a multi-purpose space for use as a church and a school) in an undeveloped mountain village in Honduras, to be completed next summer 2011

Theodore Hsieh - Social Sciences

“Why are the poor in China not protesting?"(paper in progress, to be submitted to National Social Science Association annual meeting in April 1-3, 2012

Lindsey, Jeremy - Architecture

Proportional relationship between Engaged Thinking, Good Design, and Sustainability - 2011

Janet Riehecky - Communication Arts

Orangutans - 2011 (children's book to be published in 2012)

Jhennifer Amundson - Architecture

American and European Architects in China: Global Practice in Historical Context - 2011
"China: Architecture and Urbanism" - 2011

Robert Currie - Social Sciences

Preschool Wisdom: What Preschoolers Desperately Want to Tell Parents and Grandparents - 2011

Timothy Johnson - Social Sciences

Volunteerism among the elderly, and their impact on the community. - 2011

David Sanders - Christian Ministries

David Ogoli - Architecture

David Hoferer - Science & Math

"Christ's Work for all Creation" - 2009
"Biology, Psychology, and the Bible: A Picture for Conserving Biodiversity" - 2010
Having a say: community renewal for open space preservation in the Town of Dunn, WI - 2009
Creation care missiology: good news for every creature. Submitted prospectus to Baker Books. Calvin DeWitt, first author, David Hoferer, second author. - 2011
Publishing in the landscape: a case study of the Town of Dunn, WI. - 2009

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