Sustainable Dining | Sustainability Initiatives at Judson University Christian College

Sustainable Dining

Judson University embraces sustainable dining habits

  • Trayless Dining: Implemented in 2009, this move has saved both money and energy as the dining staff no longer needs to wash up to 1,200 trays per day. Also, less food is wasted because students can only carry so much food with them at one time.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan: There are vegetarian and vegan options offered for every meal at the Judson cafeteria.
  • Tableware: The dining hall uses stainless steel tableware and ceramic dishware instead of disposable options. Additionally, the cafeteria uses natural, unbleached napkins which are a “greener” option because they do not require the typical bleaching process which emits toxic chemicals.
  • Zero Trans-Fat: The Judson cafeteria has used zero transfat oil for cooking. Additionally, the staff tries to find ways to cut fat from existing recipes.

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