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In addition to a convenient cohort model to complete your major, we offer a variety of ways you can earn the additional credits you may need to fulfill your general education (Gen. Ed) requirements and complete your accelerated bachelor’s degree.

What are General Education credits?

General Education credits (“Gen Eds”) are an important part of your Liberal Arts degree and are a reflection of a well-rounded education. You will need a certain amount of credits in key areas to graduate. You can transfer these credits into Judson or earn them here in a variety of convenient formats.

English 6
Math or Science with a Lab 3 (Math) or 4 (Science with Lab)
Humanities 6
Social Sciences 6
Fine Arts 3
24 OR 25

What are Elective credits?

Elective credits are college-level courses in any area that interest you and help to round out your degree. You can transfer these in from other institutions, or you can take them here with our variety of credit options. You can even earn a second major or a certificate or two that also count toward your elective requirement of 56-7 credits. It’s a way to be even more marketable when you’ve finished your degree.

Ways to Earn General Education and Elective Credit

There are a variety of flexible, convenient options for you to earn general education and elective credit. You'll work with your academic advisor to choose the best solutions.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts Program

If you need to complete most of your general education credits or have less than 40 transferable credits, the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts program is perfect for you. It follows the same convenient model as the major cohorts, and courses have been specifically designed to:

  • Meet the interests of adult students
  • Avoid duplicating other college credits a student might already have earned
  • Fulfill Judson's general education requirements

Individual Evening and Online Courses

You can also earn elective or general education credit by taking individual evening and online courses. Although these are not pre-planned like the cohort model, their convenient format makes it easy for you to pick up the courses as they fit in your schedule.

Prior Learning Assessments

Do you have life learning experiences that you would like to turn into college credit? At Judson, we understand the value of the knowledge that you’ve already gained through life and work. Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) are a way to convert your life learning into credit through portfolios and/or credit-by-examination.

You can earn up to 30 elective credits through PLA portfolio writing. PLA Portfolios provide recognition for prior learning acquired either formally within an institution or through a wide variety of life and work experiences, such as career experience, personal study, and community work.


Another way to convert your life experience into college credit is through credit-by-examination. If you feel confident in a subject area being offered for testing, it’s as simple as taking the test. A passing grade will grant you credits for either general education or elective requirements. You can earn up to 30 credits through credit-by-examination.

Judson University offers DSST tests which provide an opportunity for people to obtain college credit for what they have learned in non-traditional ways. For more information, visit

Judson University also accepts CLEP (College Level Examination Programs) examinations for credit. These cover material taught in courses that most students take as requirements in the first two years of college. For more information or to find a testing center near you, visit the CLEP website.


Certificates are a way that you can create an additional focus in an area of interest while earning elective credit. Your certificate will be reflected on your official transcript, and helps you to be more marketable.

Learn more about the certificates we offer by going to the certificate section of our site.

Second Majors and Advanced Certificates

If you are interested in having more flexibility in your career, consider completing a Second Major or an Advanced Certificate in another area of study beyond your major. You can earn elective credit while diversifying your educational background.

You can earn a second major or an advanced certificate in any of our majors.

Traditional Courses

Students may also register for traditional courses at our Elgin campus. These courses are normally held during the day with traditional-age college students.

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