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Master of Architecture

Judson University is the only evangelical Christian university in the U.S. to offer a fully accredited professional architecture degree program, which includes the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree. Additionally, while the conventional approach to architecture license eligibility in most states is a Master of Architecture degree plus three years of professional internship, this curriculum includes one year of professional office experience (Preceptorship) as part of the Master of Architecture degree requirements.

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The Master of Architecture degree curriculum is structured as follows: 1) a one year preceptorship earning a minimum of 1600 hours of experience, 2) a six-week intensive summer session of graduate courses on campus, 3) a full academic year of graduate courses on campus.

The degree program consists of one year of Preceptorship and 42 credit hours of graduate coursework for students holding a B.A. in Architectural Studies from Judson University.

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Outside applicants are considered on a case by case basis and are assessed using NAAB criteria with reference to their academic and professional credentials. Applications are accepted November 15, July 15, or February 15 for consideration for entry in the following semester each year.


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HAWACAs an graduate architecture student at Judson University, you have the opportunity to study "green" design in one of the "greenest" buildings in North America - the Harm A. Weber Academic Center.

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