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The Judson Architecture Program aspires to be a global leader in architectural education and Christian Service.


The Architecture Program provides Judson students with a Christ-centered comprehensive, professional architecture education. Delivered by a committed faculty, the program focuses on:

  • Inspiring students to demonstrate their commitment to our natural environment, sustainability, and the development of a quality built environment
  • Encouraging students in academics and community through a interdisciplinary approach that prepares leaders and tempers professionals
  • Nurturing students in the exploration of architecture and its divergent approaches, their creativity in design, and their expressions of personal beliefs in their personal and professional activities
  • Demonstrating a strong faith-based worldview through our program, teaching, and lives
  • Continuously exploring and defining the intersection between Christianity and architecture education and service


Judson's Architecture Program support the following academic and professional goals for students studying within the program and for the field of architecture.

  • Increase diversity
  • Increase academic and creative excellence
  • Develop the visual and spatial imagination
  • Model environmental, human and financial stewardship
  • Provide service to local and global communities


The faculty, staff and students of the Architecture Program support the following values that guide our individual activities and group efforts to participate in building God’s kingdom through educational preparation for the practice of architecture. Our values are driven by the truths found in the Bible and can be followed and appreciated from multiple viewpoints.

  • Biblical Standards. We value the Word of God and adhere to its teachings as they relate to both professional and ethical standards and personal relationships.
  • Unified Endeavor. We value the balanced coexistence of Christian faith and intellectual life.
  • Education. We value knowledge and understanding about buildings and places that can be shared and conveyed, which is the activity of our professional mission. We respond to our position within an academic setting by valuing preeminently the formation of critical minds toward the various approaches to architecture.
  • We will prepare students for practice by allowing them to develop and follow an approach that is consistent with the critical position they develop in their liberal study of architecture.
  • Stewardship. We value cultural diversity and will encourage its understanding in our community. We respect God’s creation and strive to make good use of the natural world. We will assist each person to achieve and rightly balance their spiritual, personal, and professional goals.
  • Relationships. We value human relationships and are dedicated to nurturing friendships and links with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, architecture programs, the City of Elgin, and other communities to which we belong. We strive to create a strong community to which our faculty, staff, and students will belong as a reflection of the Kingdom.
  • Service. We value service to humanity as an outgrowth of our submission before the Lord and in His desire that we help one another.
  • Leadership. We value leadership and opportunities to model biblical truths within our communities.
  • Excellence. We value the highest quality performance in all academic and professional activities, and will strive to realize and enjoy the benefits of outstanding design in the built environment and exceptional architectural education.

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