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Young Advertising Executive Partners with Judson University to Begin Endowed Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Students

Angelo Bravos and Vito Glazer(Elgin, Ill. - November 30, 2011) Chief Executive Vito Glazers of the advertising firm CPATank Inc. has announced his funding of an endowed scholarship fund through Judson University of Elgin, Ill. The Vito Glazers Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Studies is a tax-deductible fund established to help an entrepreneurship student to receive financial aid at Judson. Mr. Glazers plans to build the endowment to $200,000, which would perpetually give the approved student a fully funded education for four years.

Mr. Glazers became connected with Judson University in April 2011 when he attended the school's inaugural World Leaders Forum. The event was established to help fund the new Entrepreneurship Program, and former U.S. President George W. Bush was the keynote speaker for the main event. While there, Mr. Glazers was introduced to Dr. Angelo Bravos, Judson's Director of University Advancement. The two discovered that they both shared a passion for entrepreneurship, and they were both members of the Freemason fraternity, an organization for men joined together by philosophies of moral standards and community betterment.

After meeting, Dr. Bravos informed Mr. Glazers about educational endowments, and the conversation became a catalyst for beginning Mr. Glazers' fund for students. Although Mr. Glazers himself never graduated college, helping students further their goals of owning their own businesses is an important cause to him.

Mr. Glazers and Dr. Bravos have each made personal and financial commitments to the fund based on their mutual interests in Freemasonry and the value of entrepreneurship. They have announced their investments in hopes that it will encourage others to donate to the cause.

"Entrepreneurship has never been so crucial to sustaining the American Dream and helping young people build success in the midst of a tough economy. We're excited to partner together in this educational endeavor, and hope that others will consider donating to help Judson students become successful entrepreneur," said Dr. Bravos.

Vito Glazers was just 19 years old when he dropped out of college to establish his first corporation, Incorporated Consulting LTD. Mr. Glazers simultaneously ran this business and worked as a home ownership consultant until the collapse of the mortgage industry. He then transitioned into the industry of internet marketing, and went on to pioneer several successful internet ventures, the latest being CPATank Inc., a performance-based marketing solution for companies looking to advertise online.

"Entrepreneurs are the most crucial individuals to our great nation’s economic recovery," said Mr. Glazers.

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