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Judson Mourns the Passing of Dr. Harold R. Blatt

Harold Blatt (Elgin, IL. June 3, 2022) Dr. Harold R. Blatt was born to Harold and Helen Blatt in 1928 in Reading, Pa. He attended York High School and participated in many church and YMCA activities. Following high school, Dr. Blatt enlisted in the army during World War II and was stationed in Japan, where he became involved with the G.I. Gospel Hour on his off-hours. During this time, he met Harm Weber, a former president of Judson University.

Following his tour, Dr. Blatt returned to the U.S. and attended Houghton College. After he graduated in 1950, Dr. Blatt attended Eastern Seminary, where he studied philosophy and theology and served as an assistant pastor at a Philadelphia church. Following graduation, Dr. Blatt worked for Eastern Seminary as the Alumni Director.

In the Fall of 1954, Dr. Blatt married Jean Ruoss and they had two daughters, Sue and Sandy. The Blatts were commissioned by the Baptist Foreign mission society to serve in the Philippines, where Dr. Blatts established a successful stewardship campaign titled, “The Every Member Canvas.”

The Blatt family returned to the United States due to health reasons and decided to remain in the United States. At the American Baptist headquarters, they met Benjamin Brown, the first president of Judson College. Brown invited them to help start a new college and the Blatts moved to Fort Wayne, Ind., to represent Northern Seminary and Judson College. During this time, the Blatts welcome their third daughter, Stephanie.

When Judson College was moved to Elgin two years later, Dr. Blatt became the Vice President of Development. In 1968, Dr. Blatt returned to work for Eastern College and Seminary. He then returned to Judson under former Judson President Harm A. Weber to serve as Vice President of Development again. During the next 13 years, Dr. Blatt would run many successful campaigns and the school slowly grew in student numbers and facilities. Before leaving Judson, Dr. Blatt received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Judson. In 2006, he was honored with Judson’s Golden Eagle Award.

Once again, Dr. Blatt returned to Eastern Seminary as a fundraiser. He also served at Alvernia College in Wyomissing, Pa. In 1989, Dr. Blatt returned to his fundraising role for Eastern Seminary as the college and seminary were separating. In 1993, Dr. Blatt retired from his full-time career in fundraising. The Blatts moved to The Villages in Florida where they have resided for 22 years.

On June 2, Dr. Blatt passed onto his heavenly home. He is survived by his wife Jean, and three daughters Sue, Sandy, and Stephanie, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. His daughters Sue Unruh ’77 and Sandy Thompson ‘79 are alumni of Judson University.

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