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Judson University’s Division of Professional Studies Launches the Nation’s First Fully Applied Data Science Bootcamp

(ELGIN, IL - May 16, 2019) Judson University’s Division of Professional Studies in partnership with Decision Support Sciences announced today the launch of the nation’s first fully applied data science bootcamp targeted to corporate education.

“The Judson Data Science (JUDS) Bootcamp has a number of critical differentiators,” said Dr. James A. Libby, CEO of Decision Support Sciences. “We actually went out and asked Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000 firms what they wanted most in a bootcamp, and then we built those criteria into the our bootcamp.”

Libby explained that the JUDS Bootcamp is the first fully applied bootcamp that teaches the details of data science by solving real-world corporate problems. The JUDS bootcamp is the first nationwide to have simultaneous parallel paths for business professionals, coders, and math/stats professionals, he notes.

In another national distinctive, from its inception the bootcamp has reserved up to 30% of its seats for historically underrepresented populations in STEM disciplines. All students will learn thought-leading content from a team of Ph.D./Educator/Practitioner/Mentors, who collectively have deployed data science-based engagements in 40 plus countries for more than 20 Fortune 500 firms.

“Another unique aspect of the JUDS Data Science Bootcamp is that it will allow participants to attend whatever two-week module they desire, from Innovation to Predictive Analytics to Data Visualization to the Data Ecosystem,” said Judson University President Gene Crume of the new program offering. “In that sense, it is actually a bootcamp of bootcamps.”

The first two cohorts of the JUDS Data Science Bootcamp are enrolling participants now and will launch on Sept. 4 and Jan. 8 at Judson’s Elgin campus. Each module of the bootcamp (except for the introductory one-week module) is two weeks long and includes 15 hours of hands-on classroom experience with the leading software and platforms in the industry. Professional fees for each module are $2,500, with access to an on-site advanced laptop provided in the fee structure.

“Judson is excited to partner with Decision Support Sciences to offer this new and innovative corporate education program,” Crume said. “The JUDS Bootcamp has been created to meet the needs of businesses and industry leaders who need employees that are equipped to make the best data-driven decisions in today’s fast-paced and changing environment.”

Further information regarding the JUDS Bootcamp can be obtained by emailing the bootcamp’s enrollment team at juds.bootcamp@judsonu.edu.

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