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Q: If I've experienced sexual harassment or assault, who can I talk to?

A: Judson University's procedure for responding to allegations of sexual harassment and assault are guided by federal regulations including the Jeanne Clery Act and SaVE Act. Under these laws, reports made to University officials considered "responsible employees" cannot be held confidential such that an investigation will not take place. In plain language, if you tell a coach, Campus Safety Officer, faculty member, your supervisor, or a member of Student Development/Resident Life that you experienced sexual harassment or assault, they will do their best to protect your privacy, but the University will be required to investigate the incident. The University's Title IX Coordinator is Campus Safety Director Nick Salzmann and the Deputy Coordinator is Dr. Curtis Sartor. If you would like to talk to someone confidentially such that an investigation will not occur, you may speak with a counselor in the Wellness Center. You may also wish to consider off-campus confidential resources, including the Community Crisis Center of Elgin (847-742-4088); they are trained to explain options. Anonymous reports can be submitted online through the Silent Witness form.

Q: Can I park in a fire lane for just a minute to run inside or drop something off?

A:  The only way you can park on a roadway or in a building's fire lane is if you call Campus Safety at extension 9999 and receive advance permission. Campus Safety Officers will request your name, vehicle information, and purpose for temporarily parking on a roadway/fire lane and will approve your request depending on factors including traffic and scheduled events that would interfere with normal traffic flow. Vehicles parking in fire lanes or on roadways without being approved are subject to ticketing.

Q: Why should I call Campus Safety if I've already called 911? 

A: Because of their familiarity with the campus and the fact that they are already on campus when the emergency call is received, Campus Safety Officers/EMS typically arrive on scene before 911 emergency responders and are able to immediately begin stabilizing emergency situations. This can make a great deal of difference when every second counts. Also, Campus Safety Officers will often contact incoming fire, police and medical responders, providing them with directions to the scene and information - greatly increasing response efficiency.

Q: I am driving an unregistered car on campus temporarily. Who do I contact so I don't get booted?

A: Please contact Campus Safety at 847-622-9999 or visit our office to let us know if you will have a car on campus temporarily (14 days or less).  Be prepared to provide vehicle information. 

Q: How does the Campus Safety escort system work?

A: The Department of Campus Safety offers escorts to all students, staff and visitors from dusk to dawn. During occasions in which there is an apparent threat to the safety of the campus or in which the requesting party is disabled or injured, officers may provide escorts 24 hours a day. Officers may provide escorts on foot, on bicycle, or in a vehicle, at their discretion.

Q: If I have an Illinois concealed carry permit can I carry a firearm on campus?

A: No. University buildings and grounds are exempt from the Illinois Concealed Carry Act. A concealed carry holder with a firearm visiting the campus would be required to securely store their firearm within their vehicle before proceeding onto the campus.

Q: Where can I smoke?

A: Smoking is prohibited on Judson University property (including parking lots) and students, employees and visitors are expected to comply with this policy.  If you must smoke, please walk off campus, both the west River Road paved trail and the Tyler Creek Forest Preserve are accessible by pedestrians and popular places for smokers.

Q: Is skateboarding/rollerblading allowed?

A: Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are allowed on roadways and sidewalk surfaces as a means of travel. Because of inherent safety risks, the construction/use of ramps for tricks or stunts is prohibited, as is the use of benches, raised surfaces, railings, and other objects.

Q: Where can I send a compliment/complaint/question?

A: Address compliments/complaints/questions to Director Nick Salzmann.


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