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Department Mail

Employee Contact Information

  • To assure receipt of mail, employees and department staff should verify that an employee’s full legal name, department, and phone extension has been updated in the Judson University database, contact lists, and on the JU website.
    • Changes should be verified during the new employee's first week, at the time of departure for those whose employment is ending, and at the beginning of each semester for all department employees
  • For best results, consistently use official and full names. Mail that indicates a program, abbreviations of a department or named initiative that is different from the current department official and full name may be significantly delayed.
    • Aliases, abbreviations, subsections, and variations of the departments or programs receiving mail must be listed in the Judson University database and on the contact lists.
    • Mail or packages arriving addressed to anyone not recorded as part of the JU community is not deliverable.
      • If a friend or family member’s name is listed as the recipient the CPO, the mail or package may be significantly delayed or returned to sender.

Addressing – Providing Department Address to Senders

Adhering to the following addressing requirements will ensure the timely receipt of departmental mail.

  • Direct senders to address correspondence in the following manner:
    Department – Position - FirstName LastName (Position/Title is preferable to name)
    Judson University (If four address lines are not available, Judson University may be omitted.)
    1151 N State St
    Elgin, IL 60123
  • When employee name is included, use full legal name as it is listed in the Judson database.
  • Mail received addressed to only Judson University, without indicating the department or employee, may be significantly delayed and may need to be opened by an authorized postal or university employee.
  • Department/Employee mail is to be monitored or checked daily.

Unwanted Mail (Departments, Former Employees)

  • According to USPS regulations, First Class Mail must be delivered to the addressed location.
    • Departmental mail addressed to former employees will continue to be delivered to the department and cannot be forwarded.
    • Department staff is responsible for determining if non-First Class mail is to be kept or discarded.
    • Department staff is responsible for determining if First Class mail is to be kept or returned to sender.
      • To return First Class mail to sender with the CPO’s help, write “RTS” (in pencil only) on the front of the envelope and deposit it in the departmental mail bin.
        • The CPO is unable to process return to sender requests if the envelopes are opened, mutilated, or marked with permanent ink.
    • The following cannot be returned to sender:
      • Packages
      • Magazines
      • Catalogs
      • Advertisements
      • Standard mail
      • Non-Profit mail
    • In order to cease receiving mail addressed to former employees, departments may contact senders to update contact information.

Receiving Mail / Campus Mail Run (Departments)

  • Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, mail is picked up/dropped off in the following locations in each building:
    • Fitness Center – 2nd Floor - Athletics Main Office
    • Barton House – 1st Floor - Reception Area
    • Administration Building – 1st Floor - Copy Room
    • Thompson Center – 1st Floor - Music Office
    • University Center – 1st Floor - Mailroom
    • Math/Science – 1st Floor - Mailroom
    • Harm A. Weber Academic Center – 2nd Floor Library Mailroom
    • Lindner Tower – 1st Floor – Office of the Registrar
    • Lindner Tower – 2nd Floor – Room/Mailroom
    • Lindner Tower – 3rd Floor – Copy/Mailroom
    • Creekside – 1st Floor - Reception Desk
  • Departments Receiving Mail & Packages at CPO:
    • Bookstore
    • Campus Safety
    • Conference Services
    • Fresh Ideas
    • Plant Operations
    • Student Development

Receiving Packages (Departments)

  • The CPO operates as the receiving department for Judson University.
  • Packages can be picked up at the CPO window during normal business hours.
  • The CPO may make deliveries of small packages during the Monday/Thursday mail run depending on available bin space.
  • When USPS tracking numbers indicate the package has arrived in Elgin, expect it to arrive at the CPO the next day.
  • If a department is expecting either a very large volume of packages or a package that requires special handling, notify the CPO by emailing
    • Use the subject line: “PACKAGE ALERT,” and include the following information in the body of the message:
      • Expected arrival date and time
      • Shipping method (USPS, FedEx, etc.)
      • Name and address of sender
      • Additional contact information (e.g. cell phone number)
      • Any special handling instructions

Sending Mail to Students (Departments)

  • Departments can address and send mail to commuter students following the standard procedures for sending First Class Mail.
    • For commuter student addresses, refer to the Judson University database.
  • Departments can send mail to resident students at their CPO box.
    • CPO box assignments are listed outside the CPO window and a copy can be requested by departments by contacting
      • To send mail to resident students, include the student’s full legal name and CPO number (First Name Last Name #1), a return address with the department and first and last name (Department Name – First Name Last Name), and [ON CAMPUS] written on the envelope.
    • Mail that is not retrieved by the student in a timely manner will be returned to the sender.
    • Mail without a CPO number may be significantly delayed.
    • Mail going to CPO boxes should be kept separate from outgoing mail and use envelopes that look distinctly different (not letterhead envelopes).

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