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Sending Outbound or On Campus
Mail and Packages

Mail being sent to multiple individuals on or off campus

  • Band together and hand deliver mail being sent to multiple individuals to the CPO window.
  • Separate and band each type of mail: on campus, domestic, international.
  • Mail should be sealed and properly addressed, including the full legal name, CPO Box number (if on campus), the sender’s full legal name and CPO number.

On Campus Mail (to Resident CPO Boxes)

  • Mail going to CPO boxes should be banded, kept separate and look distinctly different from outgoing mail (not letterhead envelopes).
  • Mail intended for residents should be dropped in the ON CAMPUS mail slot or brought to the CPO window.
  • Mail should be sealed and properly addressed, including the resident’s full legal name, CPO Box number, and the senders full legal name and CPO number.
  • Normal expected delivery time is 1 business day for individual letters.
  • Allow 2 business days for mass mailings.
  • Student Groups and outside businesses requesting CPO to mail to all resident boxes must be pre-arranged with CPO and pre-approved (stamped) by Student Life.

On Campus Mail “Interoffice Mail” (for Faculty & Staff going to departments)

  • Mail intended for faculty, staff, or departments should be dropped in the INTEROFFICE MAIL slot at the CPO.
  • Mail should be sealed and properly addressed, including the full name of the recipient, the department, and the sender’s full legal name and CPO number.
    • Judson University stationary envelopes should not be used for on-campus mail.
    • An Interoffice Envelope should be used or “Interoffice Mail” should be written on the envelope.
  • Normal expected delivery time is 1 business day for individual letters.
  • Allow 2 business days for mass mailings.

On Campus Mail Run

  • Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, mail is picked up in the following locations of each building:
    • Fitness Center – Upper Level - Athletics Main Office
    • Barton House – 1st Floor - Reception Area
    • Administration Building – 1st Floor - Copy Room
    • Thompson Center – 1st Floor - Music Office
    • Math/Science – 1st Floor - Mailroom
    • Harm A. Weber Academic Center – 2nd Floor Library Mailroom
    • Lindner Tower – 1st Floor – Office of the Registrar
    • Lindner Tower – 2nd Floor – Room/Mailroom
    • Lindner Tower – 3rd Floor – Copy/Mailroom
    • Creekside – 1st Floor - Reception Desk
  • Mail to be collected on the mail run should be properly addressed and ready to be metered (sealed). CPO reserves the right to refuse to pick up mail that is not properly addressed or sealed.

US Mail (First Class)

  • USPS visits once daily (Monday-Friday) for mail pickup.
  • Mail should be properly addressed.


  • The CPO does not sell stamps, but can meter mail at the window. Cash or check is accepted.
  • For return addressing, use the following format:
    FirstName LastName #1
    Judson University (If four address lines are not available, Judson University may be omitted.)
    1151 N State St
    Elgin, IL 60123


  • Departmental First Class mail can be delivered via the building mail bins to be metered.
    • Outgoing mail must be sorted, separated, and banded by destination (CPOs, Interoffice, Domestic and International) size, type and then placed in the bin with uniform orientation.
    • Envelope flaps should be folded to enable sealing by the postage meter.
  • Mail with protruding materials will be returned to sender for proper packaging.

Return Addressing

  • For return addressing, consistently identify your department to be billed by using JU Department Stamp GEN42405 available through Gentry. Select Favorites > Custom Stamps > JU Department Stamps.
    • Stamp department name above Judson University on JU stationary envelope.
    • On a plain envelope, use the return address as follows:
      Judson University
      1151 N State St
      Elgin, IL 60123
  • Return addresses include the department name coinciding with the Judson Business Affairs Office list of billable departments. Metered mail will be billed to departments on a monthly basis.
  • Mail without a return address indicating a billable department will be returned to sender.

International Mail

International Letters

The CPO will meter and send international letters that contain printed matter only and weigh less than 16 ounces and does not require a customs declaration. Mail being sent outside of the United States and US Territories requires special handling.

International Packages

The Judson University Post Office, does not have every capability of a USPS retail counter. CPO will not mail any for international packages or mail destined to APO/FPO/DPO addresses requiring a customs declaration. For complete services, visit the USPS.


  • Senders are responsible for addressing and packing items.

USPS Services

  • The CPO can provide the following USPS services for sending packages:
    • Priority Mail
    • Certified/Registered Mail
    • Restricted Delivery
    • Media Mail
  • Sending cash or gift cards through the mail is not recommended. USPS recommends money orders.
  • The CPO recommends visiting the USPS for Express Mail.
  • Verification and Tracking:
    • Tracking is automatically included with Priority & Express Mail; it is available with 1st class mail for an additional fee.
    • Visit the USPS missing mail page for information regarding missing mail.
  • Packages delivered to CPO before 9 a.m. will normally be picked up by USPS that same day. Packages delivered to CPO after 9 a.m. may be picked up the next business day.

FedEx, DHL, and UPS Services

  • These services regularly deliver and pick up packages at the CPO.
  • CPO does not process outgoing urgent mail or packages requiring overnight, express or 2 day shipping.
  • CPO maintains a drop off bin just outside of CPO.
  • Prepaid packages to be sent via these services may be dropped off at the CPO.
  • It may be necessary for the sender to schedule a pickup with the courier service.
  • Please refer to the DHL, FedEx, or UPS website for specific requirements.

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