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Office of Student Life


The vision for Judson's Student Life is that every Judson student will:

  • Encounter God in a transforming way
  • Know their unique story and how God can use them to shape the world
  • Give back to the local and global community through service to others
  • Experiencing the life changing impact of a challenging mentor relationship



We exist to support academic excellence and lead students towards the fullness of whom God has made them to be.


The Gospel: Jesus is our lead story

The gospel is at the core of everything we do. We recognize the need for redemption in our own lives and strive to lead a gospel centered movement that invites others into a redeeming relationship with Jesus. We will make multiple options available for students to grow in their faith, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

Holistic Development: Development of the whole person  

We desire to see transformation take place in the lives of our students and we will work to provide an environment that challenges them towards holistic growth (social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual).

Service: The least and the last

We are not here to garner more power, position, and privilege but rather to love and serve one another. We model our leadership after Jesus, who, being a servant, used his power and privilege to empower and serve others with compassion and humility.

Relationship: Life around the table  

We believe life is lived out best in community; therefore, we strive to care for our students in the context of relationships.

Student Life Staff

Vice President of Student Success Ginny Guth 847-628-1151
Dean of Student Life and Leadership Aubree Flickema 847-628-1572
JSO Advisor & Assistant Career Coach Rachel Hamann 847-628-1568
Director of University Ministries Chris Lash 847-628-1565
International Programs Coordinator   Joy Krispin 847-628-1546
Coordinator of Student Services Colleen Jones 847-628-1561

Residence Life

Lindner Tower Resident Director Hannah Tolentino 847-628-1562
Ohio Hall Resident Directorand Director of Residence Life
and Housing
Melissa Hoegh 847-628-5037
Volkman Hall Resident Director McKenna Haas 847-628-1562
Wilson Hall Resident Director Chris Drenth 847-628-1562

Wellness Center

Pastor of Staff, Faculty and Coaches Pastor of Staff ,Faculty and Coaches Rev. Elliott Anderson, MA 847-628-2467
Administrative Assistant Sara Brunsting 847-628-2464
Counselor Amber Randolph Ph.D., LPC, NCC 847-628-1109
Graduate Intern Sara Brunsting 847-628-2464
Physician Consultant Mark J. Thompson M.D. 847-628-2465
Campus Nurse Susan Weber R.N., B.S.N 847-628-2465

Athletic Department

Athletic Director Joel Popenfoose 847-628-1547 
Sports Information Director - Men's Athletics Austin Anderson 847-628-1580
Sports Information Director - Women's Athletics Maddux Reid 847-628-1571 
Academic/Athletic Liason Dr. Dana Pautsch 847-628-1149  

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