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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to take the exam?

The instructor will provide test site material during class.

How do I verify that I have met the requirements for the course?

Each certification description indicates what requirements you should meet. You will need to provide verification that you have met that course to Judson when registering for the preparatory course. If your company is registering for you, you will need to provide the company representative indicating that you have met the prerequisites for the class.

Where do I go for classes?

Judson’s Professional Certification Exam Preparation Courses can be held at Lindner Tower on Judson’s Elgin campus or at Judson’s Rockford campus located within the Swedish American Riverfront Y, or online. If enough employees from your business wish to participate in a particular certification class, Judson may be willing to come to your location.

Where do I purchase books for the classroom?

Visit the website of the certifying body to purchase materials for the classroom, prior to first class.

How do I register multiple employees for a class?

Use the registration form and verify that each employee has met the requirements for the class. Payment for all the classes must be made up front. Individual companies are responsible for verifying the attendance of their employees to the course. Attendance is mandatory to receive the benefits for the final preparation for the exam. Participants who cannot attend their registered courses may elect to select a substitute for their seat.

How much does a course cost?

Judson University offers one of the most competitive rates for the Professional Certification Exam Preparation Courses. Each course costs $2,500 and must be paid in full prior to the first class.

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