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B.A. in Pastoral Leadership | B.A. in Christian Ministry | B.A. in Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies | B.A. in Intercultural Leadership (Missions) | Christian Ministry Minors

Our Christian Ministries Department is home to four undergraduate ministry degree programs and three minors, all built around a common set of courses focused on ministry leadership areas, while allowing students to pursue their specific ministry interests.


With the academic, personal, and professional skills gained through the majors below, graduates can pursue the following rewarding careers: Pastoral Ministry, Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Camp Director and Program Staff, Missionary, Case Manager in a Social Service Agency, Non-Profit Staff.

Pastoral Leadership

Through Judson's Pastoral Leadership major, we prepare you for pastoral ministry, emphasizing an understanding of bible, theology, and church ministry, along with the requisite skills essential for congregational leadership.

Christian Ministry

Our Christian Ministry major focuses on foundational areas of ministry leadership, while allowing you the flexibility to pursue other areas of educational development related to your unique ministry passions.

Youth Ministry / Adolescent Studies

At Judson, our youth ministry program prepares you for a career serving adolescents in churches, para-church ministries, and social service organizations. This program emphasizes an understanding of adolescents, both their development and culture, enabling you to pursue careers and graduate studies in social work and counseling, as well as the more traditional youth ministry vocations.

Intercultural Leadership (Missions)

A major in Intercultural Leadership prepares you to serve as global missionaries as well as in other non-governmental and faith-based non-profit organizations serving across cultures.

Christian Ministry Minors

The minors in the Christian ministry department are intended to serve those who want to be equipped for lay or bi-vocational ministry in a church or parachurch organization.

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