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The Friends of Judson were organized in 1963 when the existing Judson President Benjamin P. Browne asked Mrs. Barbara Brady to organize a committee of women to assist Judson. In short order, one hundred women leaders from area churches and the community were organized in Elgin. The chapter soon grew to nearly two hundred women and soon thereafter, chapters were formed in Quincy, Illinois, Akron, Ohio, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Meetings of the Board are held monthly on the University campus where plans are made to strengthen the organization to assist the college in a multitude of ways. The Friends of Judson contribute scholarships and make sure that students feel at home on the campus. Funds are raised in a variety of ways: Hugs from Home, Scrip Gift Cards, a spring garage sale hosted at First Baptist Church of Elgin, Flower Sale and other income-generating activities.

We want to thank our loyal members and the supporting businesses for their part in our activities. Because of you, we are able to continue our mission of helping students to fulfill their purpose and achieve their goals.


  • Enhance the quality of student life on the Judson campus.
  • Raise funds for scholarships and present them to worthy students.
  • Advance community interest in Judson University and in the students who attend.

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If you are interested in finding out more about their activities, please contact Lois Dahlstrom at 847-658-7917 or

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