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Stefanie Puczek

Stefanie Puczek

Music Performance, Class of 2020

Stefanie Puczek is halfway through her senior year at Judson. A music performance major with a concentration in violin, she is so passionate about both teaching and performing that she has been teaching her own students about music since her sophomore year in high school.

“I chose music performance as my major because I wanted to continue playing my violin and become the best violinist I could,” said Stephanie. Her other passion has been teaching students privately and at Musical Owls studio in Hampshire.

Stefanie is especially thankful to have studied at Judson because she wanted to be at a Christian University. She says that her that the people around her have become like family. She is equally as thankful that her professors invested their time and care into her.

“Something that surprised me [about Judson] was how the professors were so loving and caring in everything they do. They are always there to help you out on your good days and on our bad days,” she said.

Stefanie graduated from Judson this past December and is excited to further her career in the music industry. Her long-term goal is to teach music and open up her own private studio in Tennessee.

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