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Phoenix Smith

Phoenix Smith

Psychology, Class of 2020

When Phoenix Smith of Dixon, Ill., got word that she had received a volleyball scholarship from Judson, she was excited to continue her athletic career, especially at a Christian University.

“I had originally wanted to just find any school that would take me for volleyball so that I could further my athletic career. When I took a further look into Judson, I realized that this school was a private Christian college, which was awesome because my faith is extremely important to me,” Phoenix said.

At first, she did not initially think she would be able to attend Judson, but once Phoenix got word that she had received a volleyball scholarship, her decision was easy and she quickly accepted the offer.

“I just finished my time on the women’s volleyball team at Judson and that truly was something that will always have a piece of my heart,” said Phoenix. “My teammates made this season so special for me … They were my rock and were always there when I needed them.”

During her time at Judson, Phoenix has built strong relationships with her classmates and professors. She appreciates that her professors work so hard to make sure their students succeed.

“Something that surprised me about Judson was how easily I could get along with all the professors and how truly dedicated they are to helping their students,” she said.

A psychology major, Phoenix plans to graduate in May 2020. While her plans for the future are undecided, she knows that she wants specifically to be around children who have gone through some type of trauma, because that is where she feels she can help the most.

“I have a huge passion and heart for helping others,” said Phoenix. “Majoring in psychology will be the perfect way to help me do what I love.”

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