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Judson University's history major will help you gain exposure to the history of world civilizations including their political institutions, philosophies, religions, and social structures. In addition, you will learn how to integrate a Christian faith with historical concepts and develop critical thinking, perceptive reading, and effective writing and research skills that will help you succeed in your future career or potential graduate studies.


Museum and Public History, Legal Profession, Social Work, Politics and Government Service, Court Advocate in the Juvenile, Justice System, Investment Banking and Finance, Counseling, Missions/Ministry, Education, Project Management


Judson University's history/pre-law major helps students prepare for law school. The history major helps develop the reading, thinking, and writing skills necessary for law school preparation, and provides context to help understand current issues related to international and U.S. law. The history major courses are supplemented by additional coursework to expand conceptual and oral communication abilities pertinent to future legal training.

History Minors

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