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Quick Facts

18-months start to finish
Blend online and face-to-face learning
Two weeks of study in Israel

Accelerated Degrees

Complete your ministry B.A. and Masters in five years through the THRIVE Program!


Preparing You for Real-Life Ministry Leadership

The innovative Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership will prepare you to develop and lead biblically grounded, strategic, effective ministries in church, parachurch, and not-for-profit settings. Graduates are equipped for careers in ministry leadership such as a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Non-profit Ministry Director, Children’s Pastor, Missionary, Adult Ministries Director, and many other church and Christian non-profit leadership roles!

Maximum Ministry Impact

Why the Masters of Arts in Ministry and Leadership?

  • Strategic skill and knowledge development
  • Intentional spiritual formation
  • Two weeks of study in the Holy Land
  • Increased ministry earning potential
  • No need to relocate for your studies

“I have found the MAML to be the perfect balance of challenge and reward; challenging me to thrive in new ways and rewarding me with daily ministry usage.” – Cail Fletcher, Youth Pastor (2016)

“The program has really been an answer to prayer because it focuses on the practical aspects of ministry. I have been able to use 100% of the things being taught. I’m grateful for the Judson staff and this experience.” – Joe Johnson, Pastor (2016)

“Already having an MDiv degree before starting the MAML program at Judson made my situation particularly unique. The MDiv has long been considered the "golden ticket" for working in ministry as far as degrees go, but having done both an MDiv and the MAML at Judson, I am much quicker to recommend the MAML to other pastors seeking higher education. An MDiv is great if the majority of your job consists of teaching and preaching, but that's not normally how ministry looks in real life. My two years of part-time study at Judson did far more to shape me into a better pastor and leader than my three years of full-time study for that MDiv” – Jordan Furlan, Youth Pastor

Certificate Programs

If you are interested in deepening your ministry experience without the commitment of a master's degree, we offer three certificates including a Practical Theology and Ministry Certificate, Holy Land Certificate, and Ministry Leadership Certificate. For current tuition rates and more information, please request more info below.


  • MAML/MLM501 Practical Theology
  • MAML/MLM502 Ministry and the Kingdom of God
  • MAML/MLM503 Development Perspectives on Ministry
  • MAML/MLM601 Cultivating Healthy & Effective Ministry Teams


  • MAML/MLM505 Biblical History and Culture on Location
  • MAML/MLM506 Jesus Trail: Spiritual Formation through the Eyes of Pilgrimage


  • MAML/MLM503 Development Perspectives on Ministry
  • MAML/MLM601 Cultivating Healthy & Effective Ministry Teams
  • MAML/MLM602 Strategic Planning for Ministry Effectiveness
  • MAML/MLM603 Facilitating Communities of Learning in Christian Ministries
  • MAML/MLM604 Walking in Their Shoes: Ministry in Context - OR -
    MAML605 The Journey Together: The Theory, Principles and Practices of Mentoring in Christian Ministry

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