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The mission of the Music Department at Judson University is to equip and inspire students to become fully developed, excellent professional Christian musicians and entrepreneurs, able to serve God and others both within the Church and in the world at large.

The Music Department provides course work and private instruction as well as performance and practical experience in order to prepare Music Majors to:

  • Integrate music with the liberal arts and with their Christian values
  • Work professionally within the music industry
  • Gain admission to related graduate programs and professional training organizations.

In addition, the Music Department seeks to develop a broader aesthetic appreciation for music in all Judson University students through its schedule of concerts, recitals and special guest artists.


Successful Music Majors will:

  • Understand the structure of music at a foundational level
  • Develop skill and repertoire in at least one area of music specialization
  • Understand music as an expression of their own personal Christian faith
  • Understand how music, in its historical and contemporary contexts, serves as an expression of culture
  • Develop their own individual musical expression and style
  • Understand group dynamics and performance skills gained through ensemble participation.

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