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Program Offerings

The adult professional program offers a comprehensive program for adult learners to complete an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree. Many students complete a bachelor degree in the programs offered by the division in as few as 24 months by attending classes one evening per week and an occasional half-day Saturday. Students may earn the additional credits they need to meet graduation requirements through a variety of flexible options and formats.

Degree-seeking students are enrolled in a learning community/program. Before joining a program, every student completes LDB101 - Principles of Adult Learning, a course designed to introduce or re-introduce adult students to learning in an accelerated, higher education setting. Each course is taught by Judson University faculty. All options are offered on the Elgin campus and the branch campus in Rockford. There is also an online delivery option.


You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world. (Matt. 5:13-14)

The Division of Professional Studies seeks to develop students to become leaders in their field. Core values of the Division are based on Matthew 5:13-14:

  • God's Word is our foundation
  • Real-world application of theory is our educational practice
  • Lifelong learning is our expectation
  • Student-focused learning is our commitment
  • Being salt and light is our aspiration


The Division of Professional Studies seeks to educate post-traditional and graduate students in a faith-integrative, academically rigorous, accelerated environment. Programs within the Division are designed to meet the needs of working adults, and are offered in a flexible, convenient, and accessible environment allowing students to achieve their educational and career goals.

Programs offered through the Division of Professional Studies foster both cognitive and life skill development:

Cognitive Skill Development:

  1. Theory-based, practical, relevant curriculum
  2. Critical reading, writing, and thinking skills
  3. Appreciation of culture---both one's own and others'
  4. Preparation for academic work at the next level (AA-BA-MA-PhD)
  5. In-depth study in a major field

Life Skill Development:

  1. Ethical behavior
  2. Oral and written communication skills
  3. Effective use of technology
  4. Lifelong learning
  5. Collaborative learning

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