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Students who register at Judson commit themselves to an academic program. In order to register for courses, students must be approved by all administrative offices. Students' tardiness in fulfilling obligations or in submitting required credentials may delay or cancel their registration. The date a completed and signed form is filed in the Registrar's Office is the date it is effective. Please see the withdrawal section of the catalog for additional information on transcript notification and refund information.


Enrollment Coaches and Academic Advisors will assist in planning and advising students on how to finish degree requirements. Students are responsible for understanding and fulfilling graduation requirements. The course schedule, catalog and registration schedules provide the curriculum and course information to assist each student in completing degree requirements.

To make official changes to a student’s registration after classes have started, students should reach out to their Academic Advisors prior to the course start.

Student registrations can be viewed via your MyJudson account under Student Info.  It is the student's responsibility to know what courses he/she is registered for. Once a registration is processed, the courses will immediately appear on the student's schedule, degree audit and academic record.

Enrollment Load

Twelve credit hours is the minimum enrollment load to be classified as full time. Less than 12 hours is classified as part time; 9-11 semester hours is three quarter time; 6-8 semester hours is considered half time; fewer than 6 credit hours is less than half time.


Due to the accelerated nature of the program, students are not encouraged to take any more than 3 additional hours per term. In extreme circumstances, students may be granted permission to take additional coursework after consultation with their Academic Advisor.

New Students: Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts and Major

Students starting a program must sign their registration form at their advising appointment. Students will complete a disclosure form on their assigned registration night.

Continuing Students: Associate of Arts and Bachelor Programs

Students who have academic or financial holds will not be registered for the next payment period. The registration forms will be returned to the student. The student will not be registered for the program term if academic and/or financial holds are not cleared when it is received by the Academic Advisor. Students are responsible to clear any holds and return registration forms to their Academic Advisor. If a student does not return their registration form, they will not be registered for courses or receive grades regardless if they have attended and participated in those courses.

Associate to Bachelor: Declaration and Registration

Students enrolled in Judson’s Associate of Arts program may not take courses in a Bachelors program. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis for students in the last term of their AA program who have applied and been accepted to a BA program, and who require additional credits to maintain full-time status.
Students who have completed the AA program may declare a major in the Bachelor of Arts programs by completing the Declaration of Major form in MyJudson. Any questions regarding the AA to BA process should be directed to the academic advisor.

Withdrawals are effective the date they are received by the Registrar's Office. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their withdrawal paperwork has been received by the Registrar's Office. Students can confirm their registration by viewing their registration via their MyJudson account.

Students who drop a course(s) after the begin date will be charged tuition per the tuition and refund policy. To make official changes to a student's registration after classes have started, students must reach out to their Academic Advisor.

Please note: At a minimum, students are responsible to check their student schedule, academic record and degree audit via MyJudson prior to the start of each term.

Withdrawal Calendar

Administrative Withdrawal from a Course

Students who register for a course, never attend, but fail to officially withdraw will be administratively withdrawn from the course by the Registrar's Office with a grade of Administrative Withdrawal Failure (AWF). This grade is indisputable and will negatively effect the student’s GPA. Students will be responsible for all tuition and fees.

If students are not officially registered for a course, they will not receive credit for the course, even if they attend, participate in, and/or receive a grade for the course.

Changes in courses which cause students to drop below 12 credit hours during a given term will have implications for financial aid.

University Unofficial Administrative Withdrawal

A student may be administratively withdrawn from the program for academic misconduct, behavioral misconduct, non-attendance, non-payment of tuition or fees, failure to meet provisional admission requirements, or failure to maintain good academic standing. The administrative withdrawal may be noted on the student's transcript. Students who receive consecutive Administrative Withdrawal Failures (AWF’s) in a payment period will be administratively withdrawn from the remainder of the payment period. The student will be held liable for all tuition and fees and will receive grades of Administrative Withdrawal Failures (AWF’s) for the remaining courses in their payment period. Students who desire to continue in the next payment period must meet with their academic advisors.

Withdrawal from a Program

Students who find it necessary to change programs should first consult with their academic advisor. On very rare occasions, personal circumstances will dictate that students enrolled in AU programs terminate enrollment and request admission to a subsequent program. If applicable, a Leave of Absence will need to be completed (see Financial Aid section).

University Official Withdrawal

Students withdrawing from the university, for any reason, must begin the withdrawal process by completing an official withdrawal form in MyJudson. The withdrawal will not be processed until this form is completed, signed and submitted to the Registrar's Office. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date it is received by the Registrar's Office. Grades will be issued according to the AU Withdrawal calendar.

Refunds will be issued according to the refund policy for AU students. Students who leave Judson University without completing, signing and submitting add/drop paperwork will be held liable for all tuition and fees and will receive grades of Administrative Withdrawal Failure (AWF) for all unfinished courses.

Military Withdrawal

Withdrawal for military reasons is total or none; a student is not allowed to withdraw from some courses but not others. A copy of the government's official "Call or Recall to Active Duty" documentation is absolutely required, and should be attached to the withdrawal form. Grades of "W" for "Withdrawal" are recorded on the official academic record; these grades are non-penalizing. All tuition and fees paid by the student for the payment period the student is withdrawing from will be refunded at a rate of 100%; however, room and board will be refunded on a pro rated basis through the date of withdrawal. If, in the future the student wishes to return to Judson University, he or she must reapply in accordance to the University's readmission policy, as outlined in this catalog.

Medical Withdrawal

Withdrawal for medical reasons is determined on a course by course basis. Written medical documentation from a licensed physician/psychiatrist/other health care provider approved by the university is absolutely required, and will be taken into consideration along with other factors/information in evaluating the requested withdrawal. All documentation should be attached to the withdrawal form. Grades of "W" for "Withdrawal" are recorded on the official academic record; these grades are non-penalizing. The student is responsible for tuition and other appropriate charges up to the day of official withdrawal as outlined in the university catalog's Tuition and Fees Refund Policy. However, in the event of a severe or life-threatening medical condition to the student or an immediate family member, the student may appeal in writing to the Associate Vice President for Student Success for consideration above and beyond the normal refund policy. Such appeals must be made in writing, dated and signed. The letter must fully explain the circumstances involved and specify the consideration desired. A signed physician's letter explaining the medical condition must accompany the appeal. All appeals will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt and the student will be notified of the refund determination in writing. The student cannot resume study until a licensed physician/psychiatrist/other health care provider, approved by the university, provides written documentation that the student is "now healthy enough to resume university study." The student must then reapply in accordance to the university's readmission policy, as outlined in this catalog.

Leave of Absence Policy


Judson University must have a written leave of absence (LOA) policy.  The University and students must comply with the stated policy as well as governing regulations when requesting, approving, and processing LOAs.


Students may be approved by Judson University for two LOAs in a 12-month period.  The first LOA may not be longer than 100 days and the total of all LOAs may not exceed 180 days in the 12-month period.  During an LOA, the student is not considered withdrawn and no return of federal funds calculation is required.  The University will not assess additional charges related to the LOA.

Required Documentation

A leave of absence (LOA) may be considered approved if Judson University determines there is a reasonable expectation the student will return.  Students must follow the University's LOA Policy when requesting the LOA, by providing to the campus (on or before the start of the LOA) a written, signed, and dated request, including the reason for the LOA.  All requests must be forwarded to the Academic Advisor-and academic advising will provide a copy to the Financial Aid and the Accounting Offices for final approval.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent a student from providing a request to the campus on or before the start of the LOA, Judson University may grant the LOA if the campus has documented the reason and decision.  The student must still provide the LOA request to the Academic Advisor and the approved copy should be forwarded to the Financial Aid and Accounting Offices within a reasonable amount of time from the last date of attendance.  Unforeseen circumstances may include, but not limited to, medical and family emergencies, military, jury duty, business travel, University course cancellation/and or facility closure, and natural disasters.


The LOA length is based on the number of days between the LOA start date and the reentry date.  The first day of the student's initial LOA is used when determining the start date for the 12-month period.  If a student is granted an LOA due to unforeseen circumstances, the beginning date of the approved LOA is the date the student was unable to attend class because of the unforeseen circumstance.

Extending an LOA

A student may request an LOA extension as long as the request is made before the scheduled reentry date. Students must follow Judson University's LOA Policy when requesting the LOA, by providing to the campus (on or before the scheduled reentry date) a written, signed, and dated request, including the reason for the LOA.  All requests must be forwarded to the Academic Advisor.

Disbursements during an LOA

Judson University may disburse Pell to a student on an LOA.  Loan funds cannot be disbursed to a student while on the LOA.  Federal financial aid funds that are part of a credit balance created before a student began an LOA may be paid to a student, since those funds were disbursed before the student went on the LOA.

Completing of Coursework upon Return

Judson University will allow students returning from an LOA to complete coursework started prior to the leave with no additional charges.

Failure to Return

Judson University will explain to the student, prior to granting the leave of absence, the effects that the student's failure to return from an LOA may have on the student's loan repayment terms, including the expiration of the student's grace period.  If a student does not return from an approved LOA (his/her withdrawal date and beginning of his/her grace period will be the last date of class attendance.


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