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  • Grading Policy

    Judson's Grading System

    GradeInterpretationGrade Point
    A- 3.67
    B+ 3.33
    B- 2.67
    C+ 2.33
    C- 1.67
    D+ 1.33
    DLow Passing1.00
    D- 0.67
    WPWithdrawal Passing* 
    WFWithdrawal Failing0.00
    NCNo Credit* 
    NRGrade Not Received* 
    IPClass In Progress 
    ADWAdministrative Withdrawal* 
    AWPAdministrative Withdrawal, Passing* 
    AWFAdministrative Withdrawal, Failing*0.00
    CEUContinuing Education Units* 

    *Not calculated in the grade point average.

    Grade grievance procedure

    Any student has the right to appeal a questioned grade to the course instructor in writing, if the student believes the instructor has miscalculated the grade, or has not given reasonable and timely assessment of the student's course assignments. The appeal process must conclude within six weeks of the start of the appeal. Grade changes submitted after the six-week deadline will not be processed.

    A procedure has been established for resolving those occasions when a student actively disagrees with the grade received in a course.

    • No later than two weeks after the student's receipt of the grade report listing the questioned grade, the student must confer with the instructor. If a grade inaccuracy is determined, the instructor will process a grade-change request. Grade changes must be submitted within four weeks of the start of the appeal.
    • If agreement cannot be reached, the student may appeal to the director of the programing writing. If the director of the program can mediate an agreement between the student and instructor, a grade-change request may be processed. If no agreement can be reached, or if the instructor is also the director of the program, the next step is applicable.
    • The student may appeal the decision to the Dean in writing. The Dean shall investigate and render a decision. A decision by the Dean either to change the grade or leave it as it is, will be considered final.
    • Approved by the Dean.

    Grade of Incomplete

    Incomplete grades are to be issued only for extenuating circumstances. Below are the guidelines for instructors to use if considering an Incomplete for a student:

    Approved Incomplete must meet three criteria:

    1. The student must have completed at least 70-75% of the course work.

    2. There must be an unusual problem that kept the student from completing the course.

    3. The student may not be a graduating senior.

    Valid Reasons:

    • Long-term health problems (or hospitalization), as verified with specific written explanation by the student’s attending physician.
    • Family or personal emergency (death of immediate family member or emotional trauma), as verified by the Vice President for Student Development.
    • Extreme circumstances that are beyond the planning and control of the student. (Examples: Field placement was canceled; internship ended after last day of term, research data did not arrive on time.)

    Invalid Reasons:

    • Student did not make good use of time and needs more time to complete the coursework.
    • Student had a heavy work schedule that prevented completion of the coursework.
    • Student did not contact the instructor(in the case of an online course, independent or individualized study, directed research or readings course).

    Instructors need to advise their students accordingly. All Incompletes must be requested before the end of the course, with enough time left for the students to actually complete the coursework if the instructor rejects their requests. If students wait until the end of the course to voice their requests, they run the risk of the instructor rejecting the request and it is then too late for them to finish their work. The instructor would then be forced to issue an F (or whatever grade the student had earned at that point). In the case of last-minute situations, please contact the Provost as soon as possible.

    On the Incomplete Request Form, the instructor must specify the exact date the incomplete work is due to the instructor and the date the grade will be submitted to the registrar’s office. The maximum allowable time in which to finish an Incomplete is by the end of the sixth week after the course’s original end date.

    The day after the designated due date, the registrar’s office will issue a grade of F if a grade has not been submitted. The registrar’s office will, at any time, issue a list of pending Incompletes to any instructors who request it, but will not notify instructors of impending F grade changes. It is the instructor’s responsibility to keep track of his/her Incomplete due dates and to notify the registrar’s office of the assigned grade when the work is completed, by filling out a Change of Grade Request.

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