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Graduation Requirements

All degree candidates must have earned at least a 3.0 grade point average, completed their Applied Research project and be approved for graduation by the Program Director, the Professional Studies Division Chair, the Graduate Council and Faculty. No course grade lower than a C will be accepted towards graduation in the program.

Graduation Application

Applications for graduation must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office at least one year prior to the planned graduation date.  All degree seeking students at Judson are required to meet with their academic advisor to complete the application.  The advisor must review and approve the planned coursework.  Applications that are not filled out entirely or do not have a copy of the degree audit attached will be returned to the student for completion. Once the application is accepted by the Registrar’s Office, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain approval from the registrar for any changes in their plan for completing requirements and to verify that course registration each term matches the approved plan.  No late applications will be accepted. 

The Application for Graduation form is available viaMyJudson/Student Info/Resources – Forms (bottom right hand column).

Required Credit Hours = 60

Course Requirements


Required = 17 Courses, 51 Credit Hours

  • MHC501 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
  • MHC504 Fundamentals of Human Services and Counseling Delivery Systems
  • MHC510 Human Growth and Lifespan Development
  • MHC512 Interpersonal Relations and Leadership Development
  • MHC515 Counseling Theory
  • MHC516 Counseling Techniques
  • MHC517 Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Counseling
  • MHC527 Maladaptive Behaviors and Psychiatric Illness
  • MHC529 Multicultural Counseling
  • MHC532 Research and Evaluation Methods
  • MHC535 Family Dynamics
  • MHC542 Group Counseling
  • MHC545 Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • MHC607 Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • MHC616 Advanced Counseling Skills
  • MHC620 Career Counseling
  • MHC642 Advanced Group Counseling Skills


Required = 120 Hours, 3 Credit Hours

  • MHC525 Counseling Practicum


Required = 600 hours, 6 Credit Hours

  • MHC625A Counseling Internship I
  • MHC625B Counseling Internship II
  • MHC625C Counseling Internship III
  • MHC625D Counseling Internship IV

Practicum and Internship

The Practicum and Internship allows students to demonstrate competence in clinical mental health counseling and related tasks through supervised direct service with clients. In the Practicum, students will log 120 clinical hours and in the Internship, students will log 600 hours. In both courses, students will incorporate all of the program goals while interacting with clients and professional staff and will demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Counseling techniques
  • Counseling assessment
  • Use of diagnostic tools
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Evaluating client progress
  • Clinical writing skills and documentation
  • Agency Administration (internship only)

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