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  • Withdrawals and Course Drops

    A student withdrawing from the program or dropping a course must complete an Add/Drop form and file it with the Program Chair. Withdrawals will be processed as of the date the Add/Drop form is received in the Registrar's Office. Financial Aid will be refunded to the awarding sources as per the federal regulations. The student will be placed on inactive status and must reactivate within the six-year period in order to complete the degree. Once a student has been inactive for more than one semester they must reapply, through the readmission process, to the program through the Program Chair.

    Dismissal Policy

    All Judson University graduate students must meet the specific requirements of the individual program.

    A graduate student will be placed on Academic Warning when the overall cumulative GPA falls below the minimum program graduation requirements. The student will work with the program chair to develop a plan for raising the GPA (e.g., improvement within the next two courses; one term) to the respective requirements. If the student is unable to increase the GPA within the documented plan requirements, the student is automatically withdrawn from the University.

    Graduate students must be in a position in which they are making continual progress toward earning a degree. If situations arise in which the student is unable to progress toward graduate degree completion, the student’s academic standing will be reviewed and determined by the Graduate Academic Policies Committee.


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