Undergraduate Catalog - Interior Design | Judson University Christian College

Interior Design Major 

with Architectural Studies Minor


  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson.
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division.
  3. No grade lower than C- is accepted for major requirements.
  4. A minimum major GPA of 2.50 is required.


  • ART111 or DES121 (fulfill Gen Ed Visual & Performing Arts Requirement)
FOUNDATIONS     Required = 6 courses, 17hours
  ART111 Drawing I (3)  
  ART211 Drawing II (3)  
  DES121 Design I (3)  
  ARC101 Shop Stewardship Materials and Processes (1)  
  ARC122 Communication and Architectonics (4)  
  ARC222 Construction Tectonics and Assemblies (3)  
ARCHITECTURE    Required = 6 courses, 20 hours
  ART225 History of Art II (3)  
  ARC231 History of Architecture I (3)  
  ARC251 Heuristics and Architectonics (4)  
  ARC252 Architectural Design Explorations (4)  
  ARC310 Digital Design Simulations (3)  
  ARC321 Theories of Environmental Stewardship (3)  
INTERIOR DESIGN    Required = 11 courses, 44 hours
  INT322 Building Systems (3)  
  INT323 Textiles, Materials and Sourcing (3)  
  INT324 Building Codes and Universal Design (3)  
  INT328 Case Studies in Construction Detail (4)  
  INT331 History of Interiors and Furnishings (3)  
  INT351 ID Studio I: Space Planning, Ergonomics (5)  
  INT352 ID Studio II: Residential, Kitchen and Bath (5)  
  INT381 Interior Design Study Tour (5)  
  INT428 Case Studies in Lighting and Acoustics (3)  
  INT451 ID Studio III: Commercial Contract/Healthcare (5)  
  INT452 ID Studio IV: Integrative Design Thesis (5)  
BUSINESS/PRACTICEPREPARATION     Required = 2 courses, 6hours
  BUS101 Introduction to Business (3)  
  INT462 Interior Design Professional Practice (3)  
OPEN ELECTIVE    Required = 3 hours
  NOTE: Any combination of 300 or400-level courses is acceptable.
  ***3** 300-level Elective (  )  
  ***4** 400-level Elective (  )  

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