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Special Education Majors


NOTE: Please refer to Education Goals and Objectives for overall and major requirements that apply to all education majors.

Special Education: Learning Behavior Specialist

Major Requirements

Required = 76 - 77 Credit Hours

 Gen Eds required by major:

  • PSY111 Introduction to Psychology
  • MAT111, 211 or 215 based on placement
  • NOTE: SCM181C&P strongly recommended as Science Gen Ed.
  • ENG261 or ENG264 also fulfill gen ed upper division literature requirement
Note: Bilingual and ESL options are available with this major, see Education Endorsements. 

Required = 40 - 41 Credit Hours

  • EDU101 Explorations in Education
  • EDU102 Day of Assessments
  • EDU131 Practicum I, Diversity
  • EDU201 Strategic Education
  • EDU202 Development and Learning
  • EDU231E Practicum II, Tchr Aid, Elgin
  • EDU231H Practicum II, Tchr Aid, Hometown
  • EDU325 Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • EDU331SPED Practicum III, Instr Asst SPED
  • EDU411 Student Teaching
  • EDU491 Senior Seminar
  • ESS447 Adapted Physical Education
  • SPE328 Exceptional Child
  • SPE233 Health, Nutrition and Safety
  • ENG261 Children’s Literature OR ENG264 Adolescent Literature
  • ESS110 Community First Aid and Safety 

Major Component

Required = 36 Credit Hours

  • SPE105 Introduction to Special Education
  • SPE211 Assistive-Augmentative Technology
  • SPE222 Learning Environment
  • SPE308 Language Development/Young Child
  • SPE313 Characteristics/Methods of Early Childhood Special Education
  • SPE321 Reading & Writing Methods
  • SPE325 Communication Disorders Characteristics/Strategies
  • SPE327 Assessment in Special Education
  • EDU330 Child/Family & Community Relationships
  • SPE332 Characteristics/Methods of Intermed/Middle School Special Education
  • SPE335 Characteristics/Methods of Secondary Special Education
  • SPE340 Classroom Intervention
  • SPE342 Math/Science Meth for Elementary, Middle & Secondary School

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