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Communication Arts Department


Warren Anderson, Interim Department Chair

Warren Anderson, Brenda Buckley-Hughes, Aubree Flickema, Sharon Kim, Varghese Mathai, Kimberly Schmidt, Mark Torgerson, Terrence Wandtke, Emeritus: Stuart Ryder

Goals and Objectives

  1. To enable a student to understand multiple theoretical and intellectual perspectives in communication in their historical and philosophical contexts.
  2. To develop further student competency and capability in effective communication and presentation as well as in analysis of contemporary media.
  3. To develop further student competency in argument and discourse analysis in context of how these rhetorical constructions seek to influence the attitudes, beliefs, practices and values of the audience.
  4. To develop further student ability to engage in systematic inquiry.
  5. To develop further student competency in human relations interaction.
  6. To develop further student competency in the analysis and practice of ethical communication.

Communication Studies Major

The curricular goals and objectives of this major were developed using as a template goals and objectives formulated as a result of the Hope College Conference (July 2000), which convened specifically to articulate an ideal undergraduate communication studies curriculum. The Hope College Conference asserts that “an undergraduate degree in communication should educate individuals to be capable of assessing situations and crafting appropriate communicative response to interact effectively with diverse others and to participate as socially responsible members of their increasingly mediated and complex communities." The Judson University program adds to that the lens of biblically-based values and precepts.


Communication Studies Minors

  • Communication Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Theatre


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