Undergraduate Catalog - Worship Arts Major Courses | Judson University Christian College

Worship Arts Major


  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division
  3. No more than 16 hours total of applied music (private lessons, class lessons, senior projects and performing ensembles) can apply toward graduation requirements
  4. Worship Arts majors have 14 hours of electives to strengthen their concentration, pursue a minor and/or study other areas of interest


  • THS221 Christian Theology (fulfills Gen Ed Biblical Studies Elective Requirement)
  • DCW301 Reflecting on the Conversation (fulfills Gen Ed GEN301 Requirement)
WORSHIP/MUSIC    Required = 11 courses, 26.5 hours
  DCW101 Introduction to Community of Worship Performers (.5)  
  DCW301 Reflecting on the Conversation (1)  
  WOR142 Basic A/V Production for Worship (3)  
  WOR152 Worship Band Fundamentals (3)  
  WOR201 Worship Resources (3)  
  WOR302 Worship and the Arts (3)  
  WOR303 Designing and Facilitating Worship (3)  
  WOR491 Senior Seminar: Issues in Contemp Worship (3)  
  MUS151 Music Theory I (3)  
  MUS153 Ear Training/Sight Singing I (1)  
  MUS257 History/Practice of Worship Music (3)  
LARGE ENSEMBLE    Required = 1 hour
  Complete 1 hour of University Choir:
  MUS150 University Choir (.5)  
THEOLOGY/MINISTRY    Required = 3 courses, 9 hours
  THS221 Christian Theology (3)  
  THS225 History/Theology of Worship (3)  
  WOR495 Worship Arts Internship (3)  
COMMUNICATION/MEDIA    Required = 3 courses, 9 hours
  SPC322 Group Discussion (3)  
  SPC330 Speaking the Faith (3)  
  COM442 Communication Theory/Application (3)  

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