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Music Department


Robert Kania, Department Chair

Jean Bishop, Karl Davies, Gwyn Downey, Michael Folker, Jeremiah Frederick, Debra Freedland, Tara Hayes, Laura Hinkle, Sojung Hong, Adam Huff, Joshua Jones, Robert Kania, Joanna Newby, Nancy Lemons, Daniel Rider, Tim Shaffer, Robert Weber, Michelle Wrighte.


The Department of Music provides course work and private instruction, plus performance and internship experiences, in order to prepare music majors to:

  • Work professionally in their chosen field.
  • Gain admission to related graduate programs.
  • Pursue appropriate professional training.
  • Integrate the arts with the liberal arts and with their Christian values.

Additionally, the Department of Music, through its schedule of concerts and recitals, is committed to the development of a widening aesthetic appreciation in all Judson College students.


Students majoring in music are expected to meet the following objectives:

  1. Basic understanding of the structure of music.
  2. Development of skill and repertoire in at least one area of music, which may lead to a vocation.
  3. Understanding of music as an expression of one's own personal Christian faith and the effective use of music in the church.
  4. Knowledge of group dynamic skills learned in performance ensembles.
  5. Knowledge of and research in the library's music resources.
  6. Understanding of the materials of music, leading to the student's own effective individual musical expression.
  7. Understanding music as a powerful force in the development of human personality.
    Understanding of music as an expression of Western culture and how it relates to other cultures of the world.
  8. Familiarity with American music and composers and their unique contributions to the world of music.

Music Business and Entrepreneurship Major

An interdisciplinary degree program combining music, business, and worship arts. The program is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to create, perform, and record their own popular songs and worship music, and then start their own small music business with which they can market their work. The Music Business Entrepreneurship major culminates in a Senior Music Business Project (MUS473) that includes a faculty-juried business plan presentation and faculty-juried public performance in addition to cooperative work with other senior project students in artist relations, concert promotion and concert production.

The Senior Music Business Project, MUS473, is the capstone experience and assessment.


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