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Major in Computer Science (Cybersecurity)

Judson's Computer Science major will prepare you for a career in computer and network intelligence, and security. Acquire both the technical skills and problem solving strategies to provide solutions to real-world problems. Taught from a Christian perspective, you will learn the fundamentals of information security and intelligence, security infrastructure design and implementation, computer and network forensics, and security requirements on business operations. Courses will teach you to design, implement and manage security infrastructure components, and you will gain real-world experience in security laboratory scenarios.

You Will Learn

Computer Science Student
  • How computer systems work and process information
  • Data mining and forensics
  • Secure algorithm design for computers and networks
  • Utilization of tools to manage computers and networks for detecting and reconstructing an infection event and timeline
  • Recommended solutions to real-world security problems
  • How to examine, collect, and preserve

Simulation Lab

Judson University is partnering with Cybint Solutions to offer a robust simulation training lab to gain skills and experience to begin working in the cyber industry. The lab offers work experience specifically related to your academic studies in computer science, and provides certification opportunities to enhance your employability.

Computer Science Certifications

Certification in specialized areas has become an important component in computer technology fields. At Judson, you will have the opportunity to complete several cybersecurity certifications while completing your undergraduate degree.

Internships and Summer Employment

You will have a number of different internship and summer employment opportunities in businesses and non-profits in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Businesses are clamoring for students from Judson majoring in cybersecurity.

Employment Opportunities

Greater Chicago has the fourth most information security specialists in the country, with over 5,000. But there are many more opportunities available, with over 10,000 in 2017. The growth rate in job postings is nowhere near saturation in the Chicago area or other parts of the country. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be over 1.8 million openings in the cybersecurity area in both entry-level and advanced-level fields with common transitional opportunities between them.

Potential Career Pathways

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Incident Response Manager
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Applications Supervisor
  • Cyber Risk Manager
  • Security Infrastructure Designer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Digital Forensics Specialist

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