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Student Research Day

The Student Research Day, coordinated by The Honors Program and the School of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Education, provides an opportunity to celebrate some of the best work being done by Judson students and gives our students valuable presentation experience.

About the 2016 Student Research Day

Monday, March 21, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Eagle Lounge, Lindner Tower

For more details and a list of presenters, see the official press release for the event.


Quotes From 2016 Research Presenters

2016 Kilee Hoffman "I think that it is wonderful to be a part of a symposium where you get to hear presenters from different areas of studies from around campus. The work that they are doing is very fascinating, especially when connections are able to be drawn between all the different works."
Kilee Hoffman, Villa Grove (IL)
Presentation area: Graphic Design
2016 Michelle Imrem "I believe having a symposium that showcases different disciplines was a great way for students to come together, discuss research, and learn something new. This year most of us came from different disciplines but each presenter showed a personal connection to their projects, and it was great to see it all get connected together.”
Michelle Imrem, Lake in the Hills (IL)
Presentation area: History
2016 Christina Malik “Using very technical material and programs to make my project become interactive and come to life is a sole skill that I know I have learned for life. Apart from that, this yearlong thesis project of mine has helped me better understand my passions, drives and love for design, and more specifically to my project, objects and memorabilia we hold so dear to our heart and homes.
Christina Malik, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand (INDIA)
Presentation area: Graphic Design / Photography
2016 Alex Miller “What excited me the most about this project, and often a lot of projects, were the small challenges along the way – partly because if it were not for small, personal challenges, I think we would fall under the weight of longer-term expectations."
Alex Miller, Pleasantville (NY)
Presentation area: Art
2016 Sarah Nelson “What excited me most about this project was that I was able to research a topic that I was passionate about. I was able to really dig into the issue and research more about the field that I want to get into after graduation.”
Sarah Nelson, Elgin (IL)
Presentation area: Exercise and Sport Science
2016 Luke Pearson “I was most excited about this project because I was researching a problem to the area and I would have the feeling of actually making an impact on the problem. Researching on the topic was fun as it was because making an improvement on concussions in football will overall make the field I am working in a lot safer and more fun for the participants.”
Luke Pearson, Thorntown (IN)
Presentation area: Exercise and Sport Science
2016 Jarod Schieler "Composing the research article on the biochemistry behind gene therapy-based cancer treatment taught me how to search for, critically evaluate and draw conclusions from the most pertinent published papers in my field. Presenting the research to my peers was a lesson in itself: One often understands a concept better through teaching it to others.”
Jarod Schieler, Elgin (IL)
Presentation area: Biochemistry
Lauren Price Oral Presentation: “Role of ADAM 17 in Colon Cancer”
Lauren Price
Presentation area: Biochemistry
2016 Erin Terry Poster Presentation: “‘Fitspiration’ Effects on Females”
Erin Terry
Presentation area: Exercise and Sport Science
2016 Jonathan Janik Poster Presentation: “Judson Student Housing Design”
Jonathan Janik
Presentation area: Architecture

Oral Presentation: “KAIROS: Time, Memory, and Landscape in Video Art”
Jonathan Richardson, Algonquin (IL)
Presentation area: School of Art, Design and Architecture


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