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B.A. in Architecture | B.A. in Interior Design | Architecture Minor


Our Architecture Program will provide you with a Christ-centered, comprehensive, professional architecture education delivered by committed faculty. The study of Architecture at Judson University is unlike any other school or university. The program is structured around expanding the students creative abilities first by hand then later progresses into the digital world and the professional practice. The first two years of the program focuses on the understanding of design concepts and works with the abstract and the pure ideas of space. The final two years turn more toward the applicable uses of these design concepts and put your knowledge of the formation of space to test with real projects.

Interior Design

At Judson, our Interior Design Program builds on a very successful architecture curriculum. You can earn a minor in architectural studies while completing the professional Interior Design curriculum in the third and fourth year of study. The Judson BA in Interior Design program offers a competitive professional education within the context of a Christian Evangelical institution in the Chicago area Environmental stewardship is a design philosophy that guides the program and its approach to design education.

Architecture Minor

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