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Our Mission


The mission of the Department of Art and Design is to develop creative professionals who shape the world through exceptional work, courageous exploration, and community engagement.



Excellence. Opportunity. Community



  1. Develop Formal and Analytical Abilities - Develop the formal and analytical skills needed to craft articulated and expressive visual forms.
  2. Embrace the Creative Process - Learn to explore the assess multiple solutions through structured creative processes.
  3. Integrate History, Theory, and the Liberal Arts - Integrate ideas from the historical development of visual culture, and other disciplines, into creative practice.
  4. Gain Professional Experience - Pursue "real world" experiences to grow in their discipline and serve God in their communities.



Formal and Analytical Abilities

1. Objectively see and interpret the physical world. 

2. Become proficient with manual tools, techniques, and materials used to form 2D objects (drawing, painting, printmaking,etc.). 

3. Become proficient with manual tools, techniques, and materials used to form 3D objects, both sculptural andfunctional. 

4. Learn the fundamentals of digital media (Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, etc.). 

5. Become proficient with the manual functionsof a DSLR camera. 

6. Learn to organize information into a graphic and typographic visual system. 

7. Learn the fundamentals of print-based design and production. 


Creative Process

8. Thoughtfully apply 2D compositional elements and principles. 

9. Thoughtfully apply 3D compositional elements and principles. 

10. Develop formal solutions through iterative processes involving thoughtfully applied skills, divergentexploration, and critical analysis. 

11. Develop conceptual solutions through iterative processes involving research, divergent exploration, and criticalanalysis. 

12. Learn to hear, offer, and effectively respond to constructive criticism. 

13. Develop a user-based, audience mindset. 


Historical and Theoretical Knowledge

14. Acquire a working knowledge of the technological and creative evolution of art, design, photography, and film. 

15. Think critically about the cultural dynamics of creative works. 

16. Recognize the conceptual relationships between various forms of visual and material culture, including the liberalarts. 

17. Understand how other disciplines interact with, affect, and spur the development of creative fields. 


Professional Practice

18. Develop a personal point of view and learn how to present it publically in an engaging and articulate manner. 

19. Learn professional practices increative fields (portfolio and resume development, documentation of creativeworks, interview skills, presentation, etc.). 

20. Manage a complex project through all stages of a production process (direction, schedules, materials, finances, etc.). 

21. Develop a cohesive body of professional quality creative work. 

22. Define a career path that recognizes the potential of their chosendiscipline to serve God, and others.

Kevin Lipp - Spotlight

Kevin Lipp

Kevin Lipp

“Judson definitely set me up for success in the print-based industry of graphic design. They gave me a chance to discover my own aesthetic and prepare myself for the reality of the competitive nature of the industry, especially in the freelance realm.” Kevin Lipp graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Visual Communications and currently serves as a graphic designer for Crossway Books.

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