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Judson University's accounting major is a rigorous, practitioner based program that will prepare you for the CPA exam and will teach you how to use accounting information to make effective business decisions. Seasoned practitioners and corporate executives will train you to recognize opportunity. In addition, you will learn to analyze and find solutions to business challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, your professors will reinforce the value of character and ethics by drawing on their faith and experiences in the business world.


Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Auditor, Cost Accountant, Financial Planner, Insurance Broker, Budgeting Director, Payroll Accountants

Key Courses

Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I and II, Tax Accounting, and Auditing. An Accounting Internship is required as well.


Marketing is an organization’s way of interacting with consumers. It involves many activities, all focused on building lasting relationships with customers. The Marketing major includes a mix of courses in business and communication arts taught by professors with many years of marketing experience. The program will equip students through marketing courses with topics such as business, digital marketing, and strategy.


Marketing Managers, Digital Marketers, Product Managers, Senior Merchandise Planners, Consultant, Event Planner and Hospitality Professional

Key Courses

Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, and Professional Selling.


At Judson University, management students will be well prepared to enter the workforce or pursue future studies. You will learn from seasoned business veterans and career professionals. Your professors will give you practical skills including techniques for decision-making, methods for setting strategic goals, planning and organizing activities, leading employees, and controlling operations in organizations. In addition to classroom studies, experiential learning such as internships are encouraged. While preparing you as a well-rounded business professional, your professors will also reinforce character and ethics by drawing on their faith and experience. Judson University provides the opportunity to select the business track that is right for you to be successful in a future career.


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officers, President, Product Manager, Event Planner and Hospitality Professional, Consultant

Key Courses

Management Principles, Managerial Accounting, Leadership and Change, Ethics in Business and Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Strategic Planning. Senior Management Seminar is required as well.

Business Minors

Business Certificates

Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate program offers distinct coursework that supports entrepreneurial activity in a business. It emphasizes skills in creativity, innovation, and business startup along with the ability to analyze the role of the entrepreneur in today’s business environment. Students from all majors can enhance their professional preparation with this practical knowledge and experience. This certificate prepares students to plan and open a business of their own or to develop a small business through creativity and innovation.

Social Media Marketing Certificate

The certificate of social media development will prepare students for the dynamic e-commerce environment of social media. Students will learn effective uses of digital marketing tools, design, and media content development. Students in the Certificate of Social Media Marketing program will explore effective and efficient digital communications, aesthetic and attractive visuals, and using SEO techniques and Google Adwords to gain readership and engagement with customers.

Hospitality and Event Planning Certificate

Students who enroll in the Certificate of Hospitality and Event Planning will learn the process of preparing and implementing a major event or activity. Students will synthesize their previous studies in marketing, strategic planning, management, communications, and facilities to create a dynamic event to better serve their customers.This certificate prepares students for a career in promoting entertainment, organizing major events, planning meetings, and coordinating all conference and business events.

HR Management Certificate

When you enroll in the Certificate of Human Resource Management, you will learn the process of hiring, training, motivating, evaluating, and promoting personnel in an organization within the employment laws. You will synthesize their previous studies in management, business law, strategic planning, management, and psychology to create a positive, work environment. This certificate will prepares you for a career in personnel recruitment, employee benefits, scheduling, and training.

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