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Do you enjoy considering all the ways a product, service or business can solve a problem and serve others? If you enjoy thinking through a strategy and developing the digital resources and keywords to market a product, then this certificate will teach you how to proceed.

Students who enroll in the Certificate of Hospitality and Event Planning will learn the process of preparing and implementing a major event or activity. Students will synthesize their previous studies in marketing, strategic planning, management, communications, and facilities to create a dynamic event to better serve their customers.

The ability to create value through new ventures is a crucial life skill. Students imagine opportunities and gain knowledge to turn their grand ideas into action.


Add the Social Media Marketing Certificate to your academic coursework. Talk with your advisor to learn more.


Consider being a speaker, mentor, coach, judge, and/or providing financial support. To learn more, contact Dr. Joyce Shotick at (847) 628-1046.

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